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Social and Economic Policy

UNICEF Mali is working on three main areas within Social and Economic Policy: Social Protection, Social Budgeting and Poverty Reduction and Growth.

Social Protection

Our work on Social Protection supports the Government to up-date its National Action Plan for the Extension of Social Protection for the period 2008-2010. The up-dated Action Plan was approved in April 2010. UNICEF is currently discussing with the Government and other stakeholders its implementation.

UNICEF is also supporting intensive training on social protection for all stakeholders in Mali, in order to improve the understanding on social protection, create a dynamic for social protection, and have a national team fully aware and sensitise on these issues.

Social Budgeting

UNICEF is planning to support the Government for a thorough Public Expenditure Review that will analyze the allocation of resources to different sectors and identify the impact of these expenditures on children. Recommendations will be made to have a more child-sensitive budgeting. Training in conjunction with Parliamentarians will be organised on child-sensitive budgeting.

Poverty Reduction and Growth

UNICEF Mali is supporting the annual review of the National Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategies (GPRS). UNICEF will also get involved in the new National Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy, to be elaborated for the period 2012-2016. In this regarding, together with other UN agencies, UNICEF will support the government for a diagnostic study, prior to the elaboration of the new GPRS. 

From 2008-2010, UNICEF Mali supported various research on poverty and children, and is working currently on a study on gender and poverty.



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