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Protection and Treatment of HIV/AIDS Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)

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Dr. Clementine, a paediatric physician specializing in HIV/AIDS in Bamako, the capital, talks with her young patients about the importance of taking all medicine routinely.

In 2005, the number of orphans and other children at risk for HIV/AIDS was estimated at 150,000. 4.5 per cent of all children less 15 years are orphans who have lost their fathers and/or mothers: 0.4% have lost both parents, three per cent have lost their fathers, and two percent have lost their mothers.  

The Mali-UNICEF country programme works closely with the Ministry for the Advancement of Women, Children and the Family (MPFEF) through its AIDS Control Sector to provide special supports for orphans and vulnerable children. The Executive Secretariat of the National High Council for AIDS Control (SE/HCNLS) and local civil society organizations also provide much need services for those most at-risk, including supporting children's centres and orphanages, providing guidance, health and transitional services.



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