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Antiretrovirals to combat the HIV virus are often large and challenging to swallow, especially for children when paediatric doses are not available.


• 229 functional PMTCT sites were established in Bamako District and throughout the Regions;
• 86,814 pregnant women were tested in 2009 with 1641 HIV-positive cases (CSLS Report 2009);
• 87 per cent of HIV-positive pregnant women received ARVs in 2009 (CSLS Report 2009);
• More than 60 paediatric care sites and resource centres are now available across the country;
• 34 per cent of children born to HIV-positive mothers received ARVs in 2009.

Protection and treatment of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC):
• Dissemination of an advocacy tool (PAGE Model) for OVC disseminated to all regions and districts of Mali in partnership with Regional Executive Secretaries of the National High Council for AIDS Control (SE / HCNLS) and Regional Directorates for the Advancement of Women, Children and the Family;
• Support for the schooling of 3,500 OVC in collaboration with the Ministry for the Advancement of Women, Children and the Family.

Youth and Adolescent Prevention Strategies

• Over 100,000 students have received information on the transmission and prevention of HIV and AIDS in primary schools in 4 regions (Kayes, Mopti, Segou and Koulikoro);
• Strategic Plan document and a National HIV/ AIDS Prevention Plan for youths and adolescents in Mali; and
• Implementation of the AIDS recommendations through CSLS/MJS.



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