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An HIV-positive woman, 8-months pregnant, speaks to an HIV specialist at Gabriel Toure Hospital in Bamako, the capital, regarding prevention of transmission to her baby.


• Extension of PMTCT sites from Bamako to all regions in Mali;
• Support for early diagnosis of HIV in children born to HIV-positive mothers;
• Distribution of rapid tests, gloves, test kits, alcohol, etc., and cotrimoxazole (for opportunistic infections);
• Capacity building for service providers at the new PMTCT sites.

Protection and treatment of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC):

• Production of an advocacy tool (PAGE Model) for OVC is disseminated to all regions and districts of Mali in partnership with Regional Executive Secretaries of the National High Council for AIDS Control (SE / HCNLS) and Regional Directorates for the Advancement of  Women, Children and the Family;
• The development of a model and guide for integrated treatment of OVC;
• Analysis of the situation HIV/AIDS in OVC in Mali in 2006 ;
• Preparation and implementation of a multi-sector action plan for OVC (2006 -2010);
• Preparation of a guide and a model for integrated treatment of OVC in Community and Institutional Family circles.

Youth and Adolescent Prevention Strategies:

• Introduction of preventive education on HIV and AIDS in schools;
• Training of teachers in the preparation of educational materials on HIV/AIDS;
• Establishment of six task force with vulnerable youth and at-risk adolescents (drug users, MSM, sex workers, seasonal migrants, girls in schools) to develop preventive activities for their peers;
• Organization of voluntary screening sessions during major social events for youths (Tour d’Afrique cycling race, Festival on the Niger, etc.);
• Training of task force members in basic HIV/AIDS information in five regions to build their capacity for advocacy and prevention;
• Equipment for youth promotion centres in six regions to promote friendly and recreational activities for youths and adolescents.



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