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UNICEF Mali Brochure


In this country kit, you can read encouraging stories about initiatives of the Malian people who with support from the Government, UNICEF and our partners are able to improve the lives of children and women.

You will read how communities are complementing the work of local authorities, finding ways to provide health care in remote areas, to set up feeding centres for malnourished children, to establish schools for children of all ages, and to provide potable water. You will also read about how NGOs are working towards ending harmful traditional practices, such as female genital mutilation/cutting, and also how they are preventing HIV/AIDS and protecting children from abuse and exploitation.

To make significant progress towards the MDGs, much work needs to be carried out in an unfavourable global economic climate. But when I picture the community in Gao, with its water problems, I feel reassured that even in this time of scarce resources, innovative, low cost and high impact initiatives will make the all important difference for children and women in Mali.



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