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Corporate Sector Partnerships

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Socially-responsible corporate partnerships are key to delivering basic essential services in Mali.

UNICEF has forged alliances with the business community for more than fifty years.  This collaboration reflects our recognition of the influence the corporate community has on the lives of children and their families everywhere, and of the significant resources it can bring to better children’s lives. It is possible for the United Nations to engage with the business community in a principled and effective manner that is beneficial to everyone.

Companies increasingly wish to partner with UNICEF in strategic, sustainable and innovative ways. There is a growing global push towards corporate social responsibility (CSR); UNICEF Mali is working with key corporate partners to leverage support to achieve a shared mission.

The “Strategic Framework for Collaborative Relationships and Partnerships (2009) incorporates the business sector’s unique potential to become an effective, powerful ally to advocate and achieve results for children and ensure that their rights are upheld.

To date, UNICEF Mali has engaged with the private sector on a rather ad hoc and small- scale level, largely focusing on fundraising for implementation of programme activities. The majority of these partnerships are in collaboration with different National Committees for UNICEF, such as Volvic via the Japan Committee for UNICEF. Private communication-based partnerships have also evolved together with various service providers such as Africable and OrangeMail. 

UNICEF Mali is now actively weighing how to engage businesses, in broad terms, more effectively and strategically. In partnership with the Ministry of Industry, Investments and Trade, we are conducting a mapping (2010/2011) to better understand local business capacity and assess the potential for in-country socially responsible partnerships that leverage results for children in Mali.  

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