Partnerships to further results for children and women in Mali

Leveraging resources for children

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Leveraging resources for children

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Children-under-five are monitored by measuring height, weight and middle-upper-arm circumference as indicators for nutritional status and general health.

Achieving results is not only a means to ensure accountability to children and our donors, but also the most effective way to develop sustained donor support. The current country programme (2008-2012) approved by the Executive Board has a total budget of US$ 126.5 million of which US$ 66.6 million is expected to be raised to support and implement programmes.

Our country programme funding is based on mutual consensus given to priority areas established between the government, UNICEF and donors. Our donors include governments, UNICEF National Committees, multilateral organizations and international foundations.

UNICEF Mali also functions as an intermediary to facilitate the leveraging of resources for children to increase budget allocations to social sectors.




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