17 October 2019

Apprenticeship at Manta Air

APPRENTICESHIP AT MANTA AIR   DESCRIPTION OF THE APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM: UNICEF and Manta Air are working in collaboration to address some of the current gaps in career-orientation and skills development for young people in the Maldives.  Recognizing the comparative advantage of the private sector in youth skills development, UNICEF and Manta Air has established an apprenticeship programme at Manta Air for young girls and boys who are in transition from higher secondary to higher education, or on the verge of transitioning to gainful employment.  Duration of the apprenticeship:  Manta Air will provide 2 selection rounds, spanning 6 months, with 6 apprentices selected in each round. For each of these rounds, two slots are reserved for applicants from Dh. Kudahuvadhoo. The apprenticeship can be completed in 3 months or 6 months. Age group: 18-20 years Type of apprenticeship- Paid. Each apprentice will receive $150 per month for the duration of the apprenticeship. The apprenticeship programme will: provide you an opportunity to learn about the aviation industry;  introduce you to a professional work environment, learning about appropriate work ethics at an early stage of your path towards full employment;  enable you to acquire skills and experiences for possible employment in the aviation industry. In addition to acquiring key technical skills relevant to the aviation industry, you will also learn key soft skills such as:  teamwork,  communication skills work ethics time management and problem solving  Requirements: Applicants must have completed their higher secondary education in 2018 and should be of 18-20 years of age. Information session:  23rd October at 4:00pm at CHSE Hall & 24th October at Dhaal Atoll Education Center (Kudahuvadhoo). Application deadline & selection: Interested applicants can attend the information session and complete the application form on site or submit it online before 2:00pm of 30th October. Selection interviews for shortlisted candidates will go on the 31st of October and 4th & 5th November. Placement: Once the selection process has been completed, the apprentices will be placed on a rotational basis spending 1-2 months with three different departments: Ground Handling and Flight Operations, Engineering and Maintenance Department Quality, benefiting from exposure to different areas within the company as well as the supervision of each of the Department Directors and thereby seeing differing management styles.  Apprenticeship start date: The apprenticeship will begin on 10th November. Mentoring: During the three months of the apprenticeship, each apprentice will be assigned a personal mentor within Manta Air, who will offer guidance on tasks and responsibilities and will be available for general questions pertaining to the industry so that the apprentice can learn from the mentor’s experience.  Supervision: The apprentices will be assigned to supervisors. The supervisor may or may not be the apprentice’s mentor; the supervisor will assign day-to-day tasks, monitor progress and evaluate the apprentice’s delivery of tasks. Appraisal: By the end of the three months, Manta Air will do an overall appraisal of the apprentices to enable future learning and skills development.  Certification: At the end of the programme, all apprentices will be awarded a certificate of completion by Manta Air and UNICEF. This certificate can be used to apply for higher education and/or employment as proof of work experience. If wish to exit the apprenticeship at the end of the 3rd month you will still receive a certification jointly issued by Manta Air and UNICEF. Apprentices who choose to extend the apprenticeship for another three months can work in ticketing and reservation or front office will receive a Level 3 Certificate issued by TVET Authority of Maldives. Prior to the certification, apprentices will be assessed by TVET Authority assessors for acquisition of competencies. Shortlisted applicants will be asked to bring the following documents for the interview:                     Copy of National ID card                     GCE/IGCSE A/Level & HSC Exam certificates                     School Leaving Certificate  * If you completed A/Level as a private candidate, bring the school leaving certificate of last attended school. Application form: https://tinyurl.com/unicefmanta