Maldives Social Sector Assessment

Preliminary draft report of the Social Sector Assessment for Maldives conducted in 2022

Child and mother standing in front of her house in L. Hithadhoo


This document presents the preliminary draft report of the Social Sector Assessment for the Maldives. The report is an assessment of the achievements and the challenges in the social sector in the country, and represents one part of a comprehensive assessment of the social sector in Maldives carried out by the Social Policy Research Institute in support of UNICEF Maldives and the Ministry of Gender Family and Social Services (MoGFSS) The analysis will inform development of a holistic, rights-based Social Sector Master Plan aimed at enhancing social inclusion in Maldives following the principles of, non-discrimination, and equity. The project complements and supports the realization of the national Strategic Action Plan (SAP) 2019-2023 seeking to promote the wellbeing of children, families, and all vulnerable groups.

Social Sector Assessment
UNICEF and Social Policy Research Institute (SPRI)
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