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Child Friendly Schools - Standards and Indicators

Schooling is a right of every child and the main aim of education in Maldives is to provide quality education for all children. Every child needs to be assured of a quality, childfriendly
learning experience that enables the child to grow to his/her full potential and be a successful citizen. To ensure this, an urgent need to establish a strong monitoring system where different stakeholders understand their roles and responsibilities and expectations was identified. These ‘Quality Indicators for Child-friendly Baraabaru Schools’ is the result of this.
It is expected that this document would facilitate the evaluation of the education provided in the schools, by the schools, at province level and nationally. The main feature of the
document is that it outlines the standards and indicators to measure the standard in a Quality Child-friendly Baraabaru School in the Maldives. Hence, anyone who has a stake
in the school can open the document and ask the relevant person/authority why a certain standard has not been achieved. The standards and indicators have been categorized into five dimensions. These five dimensions look at the child holistically and encourages fairness, equality and inclusivity. The five dimensions in this document will facilitate every child the right to acquire a relevant, varied and interesting education, and the schools to address the total needs of the child as a leaner, inclusive of children with special educational needs and children at risk.
Our children are the future of our nation; therefore every child who completes his/her education in a Child-friendly Baraabaru School will develop as an independent responsible
and productive citizen of the nation and the world. Read below the various indicators that are idetified as child friendly practices in Schools.


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Learner Centered Teaching and Learning

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