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Maldives, a small country in the Indian ocean consisting of 1,192 island, of which 194 are inhabited1 by a population of just over 336,0002 people, has been recently declared a middle income country. But has economic prosperity translated into improvement of people’s lives and in children’s lives in particular? And have all children benefited equitably from the increasing economic growth? 

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Study on the Decentralization Process in the Maldives with reference to the impact on services to chiildren

This study sets out to assess the extent to which decentralisation affects services to children in the Maldives. It discussed in more detail, the real changes as a result of the decentralisation process began with the change of government in 2008.


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The Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) of the Maldives 2009-2010, collected detailed
information on the expenditure, income, demographic and socio-economic characteristics from local
households living in the administrative islands of the country. 


Child participation in the Maldives

This report is an assessment of how much the newly democratic Maldivian State and society knows of children‘s rights to participation as enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). The Maldives became a signatory to the convention in 1990, the transition to democracy followed 18 years later in 2008.


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National Micronutrient Survey 2007‐2008

The National Micronutrient Survey 2007‐2008 (NMS) provides a recent standard for assessing the status of nutrition in women and children in the Republic of Maldives. The survey provides previously unavailable information on the bio‐chemical levels of various elements constituting nutrition. It is presented as a landmark for assessing the nutrition situation in Maldives.

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Maldives Demographic and Health Survey 2009

The 2009 Maldives Demographic and Health Survey (MDHS) is the first demographic and health survey conducted in the Maldives with the principal purpose of providing reliable and detailed
information on the demographic and health situation of the country.

Voices From the Shadow - Based on a Study of Drug Use Behaviour in the Maldives

In 2006, the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), and the National Narcotics Control Bureau (NNCB) asked a group of us recovering addcits from Journey to carry out a study on drug use and behavior related to drug abuse. The purpose of this study was to better understand addiction, addicts and recovery from addiction in the Maldives. Get your free copy today! Please contact Journey at 334-5075

Progress for Children: A World Fit for Children Statistical Review (No. 6)

This special edition examines more than 35 key indicators in the four broad areas identified at the Special Session as requisite to building ‘A World Fit for Children’. It also analyses the Millennium Development Goals and provides information on the state of child protection.


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Investing in the Children of the Islamic World

Are we fulfilling our commitment to children? That is the question asked in Investing in the Children of the Islamic World. The report reviews the situation of children in 57 Muslim countries, assesses progress in the areas of health, education, child protection and HIV/AIDS, and identifies necessary action.


The State of the World's Children 2007

Women and Children
The Double Dividend of Gender Equality

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Convention on the Rights of the Child

Combined First and Second Periodic Report to the United Nations
Ministry of Gender and Family
Government of the Republic of Maldives

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