Situation Analysis of Children and Youth in the Maldives

Adolescent and Child


The situation analysis of children’s rights and wellbeing is a flagship product that presents an analytical narrative of children’s rights and well-being in the Maldives. The analysis, which is rights-based, looks at the progress, challenges and opportunities to achieving child rights, well-being and the patterns of deprivation that children face.

It analyses the causes of these deprivations and the barriers that prevent the fulfillment of child rights. It considers the progress that policy and programme interventions have made towards at-scale coverage of inclusive social services for key populations; the adequacy of policy delivery, particularly in terms of budget; and the resources for leaving no child behind.

It looks at the unequal realization of rights and the depths of disparities across different equity dimensions. It also highlights the situation of children left behind, as well as those children most at risk of being left behind – all of whom are entitled to social services and opportunities.

The SitAn is intended to be the reference document on children in a given country. It contains a robust analysis useful to government bodies, development partners, including UNICEF, civil society, private sector actors and other stakeholders. As such, the situation analysis is a guiding document for action on child rights and well-being.

Situation Analysis of Children and Youth in the Maldives