Navigating pregnancy during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic - ދިވެހި ބަހުން

An expert midwife on how to best protect yourself and your baby

Pregnant woman in a health center


The Dhivehi translation of 

The document covers the following areas in Dhivehi.

  1. Is it safe to continue prenatal check-ups?
  2. If I have coronavirus disease (COVID-19) will I pass it to my baby?
  3. I was planning on giving birth in a hospital or healthcare clinic. Is this still a good option?
  4. Can my partner or family member be nearby when I give birth?
  5. I’m feeling incredibly anxious about giving birth. What should I do to cope?
  6. What questions should I be asking my healthcare professional?
  7. What should women pack to go into hospital given the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak?
  8. Once I have given birth, what can I do to protect my newborn from the COVID-19 virus?
  9. I am an expecting mother. What should I be doing to keep myself safe during the COVID-19 virus outbreak?
  10. Can I safely breastfeed my baby?
  11. What should I do if I live in a crowded space?