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HIV/AIDS is an area where UNICEF has made a core contribution to promoting public discussion and mobilizing political commitment around prevention. In 2006, UNICEF sponsored a Situation Assessment on HIV/AIDS that provided an update on the situation in the Maldives.

Though seroprevalence rates remain low and only 13 cases of AIDS have been registered nationally, the study identified many possible entry points for the epidemic, including increased tourist arrivals, returning study-abroad students, and nearly 60,000 expatriate workers from dozens of countries, who are tested before arrival, but may be in the “window period” before the antibodies appear on a test. Possible local disease vectors included several common forms of sex work. However, the recent rise in intravenous drug use and needle sharing was identified as the most important target area for prevention.






The HIV/AIDS Situation in the Republic of Maldives 2006


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