Public Advocacy and Partnerships for Children's Rights

Public Advocacy and Partnerships for Children's Rights


Public Advocacy and Partnerships for Children's Rights

To support UNICEF's work, the Communication, Advocacy and Planning (CAP) programme generates and disseminates evidence for advocacy, planning and decision-making among policy makers and communities.

Through the CAP Programme, UNICEF has supported the Government to establish a MaldivInfo database, containing over 25 years of MDG-related data, disaggregated by age, sex, and location where possible. This database, owned and maintained by the Ministry of Planning and National Development, will significantly contribute to human rights-based programming and decision making.

Also through the CAP Programme, UNICEF is prioritising a broad campaign of research, advocacy and national dialogue around sensitive protection and public health issues, such as violence, abuse and exploitation against children and women, drug abuse prevention, and halting the spread of HIV/AIDS.

One of the key strategies employed by UNICEF towards these goals has been to develop a close relationship with the post-tsunami cohort of young professionals and opinion-shapers through the national news media and newly emerging groups involved in knowledge transfer and cultural production, such as young filmmakers, artists and designers, and civil society activists who are transforming the nation. As an example, the NGO Journey, a UNICEF supported initiative to help young recovering addicts help themselves to recover, was recently featured on CNN’s internationally broadcast nightly news.

To see UNICEF's Tsunami Recovery Programme Results, please visit the IMPACT Monitoring website -



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