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Strategies and priority areas for children

UNICEF works with the Government and civil society groups to protect the wellbeing and safety of all children in the country through the following major components of the country programme 2011-2015:

Policy, advocacy and research

  • Support development of a national social protection act and towards the establishment of a minimum social protection floor.
  • Provide policy support to drafting of child rights bills and legislation
  • Promote participation of children and caregivers in contributing to the formulation of relevant legislation and policies.
  • Strengthen use and analysis of disaggregated data and information for planning and decision-making will be strengthened.
  • Strengthen sector information management systems

Strategic partnerships for capacity development

  • Consolidating achievements in child and maternal health and ensure a continuum of care for children.
  • Promote behavior change communication and monitoring in the areas of nutrition, good hygiene and safe drinking water and sanitation practices and environmental challenges
  • Advocacy and monitoring of child friendly learning and compliance with child friendly standards in schools
  • Capacity building in education for early years and special education needs
  • Scaling up of life-skills based education with greater emphasis on drug abuse, sexual and gender-based violence and HIV/AIDS prevention among children in and out of school and most-at-risk adolescents
  • Capacity building of the Government and civil society to provide decentralized child and family protection services
  • Support to develop rights-based informal mechanisms and community-based options for crime prevention, rehabilitation and reintegration of child offenders
  • Capacity building of media and civil society to advocate for and monitor child rights, including reporting to international treaty-based bodies



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