22 January 2024

World Children's Day 2023

World Children’s Day is a global day of action for children by children. It marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989 that outlines the fundamental rights of every child. The annual celebration on 20 th November highlights critical issues affecting children’s lives and supports the engagement of…, Voices of Children in Parliament, See how the children prepared for the biggest UNICEF event of the year here . More information on the Voices of Children event in Parliament  here . https://www.instagram.com/p/Cz5hwHDL4qK/   Children are rocking Parliament today! On the agenda: 📸An exhibition on child rights 📃Speeches from young people on child rights 💡A chance to listen to…, Picture My Rights: A Shot at Life, Picture My Rights invited young people to express their views about children’s rights and issues that matter to them through the medium of a photo. Congratulations to grand prize winners Airiena Batrisyia Binti Anuar Kamal (16) and Afiq Bin Sharkawi (16) for the 13-17 age category and Irfan Bin Sharkawi (18) and Tanzina Khan (23) for the 18-24 age…, Kick for Inclusion,   JDT FC and UNICEF join forces to advocate for an inclusive world for all children. Through Yayasan JDT, 70 children with and without disabilities aged seven to 17 participated in a football clinic together. The Kick for Inclusi⚽n #KidsTakeOver football clinic coaching was conducted by trained JDT Academy youth with the aim to engage ALL children…, Young Leaders' Showcase, Themed 'Embracing the Future', UNICEF Young Leaders showcased the social projects they have been working on for the past year, and to engage youth and stakeholders in conversation on the topics of interest to them.  Learn more about the UNICEF Young Leaders' Programme  here .   Today, we partied with some awesome young people at the Young Leader's…, #GoBlue, Stadium Malaysia turned blue to commemorate World Children's Day Terima kasih @StadiumMalaysia 🤩💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 https://t.co/TeYSntXYdb — UNICEF Malaysia (@myUNICEF) November 21, 2023  
03 November 2023

Meet the UNICEF Youth Advocacy Champions!

The Youth-Led Action Initiative, The UNICEF Adolescents and Youth team launched the Youth-Led Action Initiative to support young people in becoming change-makers. This initiative encourages young individuals to take proactive steps towards change by demanding "a seat at the table" and by actively participating in their own lives and communities. We aim to empower young people to…, Meet the Malaysian Youth Advocacy Champions, Khairiah Hannah, Khairiah Hannah is a 17-year-old Malaysian with a deep passion for Mental Health Awareness. She regularly engages in various initiatives with NGOs (including participation in the UNICEF Young Leaders Programme) with an aim to create positive change in the field of mental health. Her approach is interesting and realistic; seeking to amplify the…, Benjamin Chay, Benjamin Chay is a compassionate, medical student aspiring to become a psychiatrist. A student of the International Medical University, Kuala Lumpur, this enthusiastic and sociable 18-year-old enjoys great conversations with like-minded individuals discussing and exploring tales and stories of passion. Benjamin is eager to begin working with his…, Leo Shu Min, Leo Shu Min is a Youth- Environment Facilitator at the United Nations Development Programme Malaysia. In her role, she leads the Youth Environment Living Labs (YELL) programme, focusing on empowering youth to actively participate in addressing climate change through innovative community engagement programs and educational initiatives. She is…, Aidil Iman, Aidil Iman is a 24-year-old climate justice activist based in Malaysia whose areas of advocacy focus on youth empowerment, green politics, and environmental justice. Aidil founded his own environmental movement called Kolektif Iklim which aims to synergise the intersection of climate action and biodiversity protection. His activism led him to be a…, What’s Next?, Having participated in a week-long training with peers from the region,  the four Youth Advocacy Champions will be conducting trainings at community level to build the capacity of young people on advocacy in the coming months. The peer to peer approach aims to bridge the gap of learning, while actively adopting an experiential learning method. The…
22 December 2021

UNICEF Young Leaders Programme FAQ

Who is it for? , UNICEF’s Young Leaders Programme (YLP) is open for all passionate young people residing in Malaysia aged 15-25 in 2021. As long as you are not born before 1/1/1996 at the time of registration, you can apply., What is YLP about?, UNICEF’s YLP aims to establish a cohort of diverse young leaders in Malaysia, who are empowered to lead change on children’s rights in their communities and in UNICEF Malaysia’s programmes for young people. , How long is this programme?, YLP is a two-year long programme. The first-year will focus on skills-building opportunities and knowledge on children’s rights. The second year will be more hands on with engagements in UNICEF’s programmes and leading YLP projects. , What language will the programme be in?, Although the programme will be in a mix of English and Bahasa Malaysia, proficiency in English language is required as it will be the primary language throughout., What is my commitment?, The organisers estimate your commitment to be an average 8-10 hours per month for the first year. And, around 10-15 hours per month in the second year., How is it conducted?, The majority of YLP will conducted online via virtual video conference. When the pandemic situation allows, in person meet ups may be organised depending on the situation. 😊 , What if I need additional support?, If access to stable internet is an issue, please share this in your application so we can consider how to best support your participation 😊 If you are a participant with a disability, please be assured that YLP is inclusive for all young people and we appreciate you sharing what additional support is required, for us to provide the necessary…, I am not a Malaysian can I join?, Yes, as long as you are residing in Malaysia, you can join., Do I have to pay to participate in this programme?, No, YLP is fully funded by UNICEF Malaysia and participation is free, What should I include in my 2 minute video?, In your 2-minute video you should share: An introduction of yourself What causes are you passionate about? Why you think it is important for young people to have rights? If you are given the opportunity to improve one thing for children or young people in Malaysia, what would it be?, How many Young Leaders will be selected?, A total of 40 Young Leaders will be selected in the first cohort., What language should I submit my video in?, You may submit your video in English or Bahasa Malaysia. Have more questions about UNICEF’s Young Leaders Program? WhatsApp Brian
01 October 2021


An online engagement programme for and by young people @KitaConnect is an online engagement programme that aims to build the skills of young people to maximise their mental health and wellbeing, support their learning, and be civically engaged in their communities. HOW? Creative online sessions, youth-led chats, virtual booths on gather.town,…, Have burning questions?, Read our FAQ below!, How can I join in?, Sign up for a session you are interested in! Join the @KitaConnect Discord Community & come chat with us! Follow us on Instagram (@unicefmalaysia) & Facebook (@unicef.malaysia) for latest KC updates & upcoming activities., How do I sign-up for a KC session?, Select a session in the "Upcoming @KitaConnect Session" menu above Click into the registration link for the event & sign-up! Once selected, you will receive a confirmation email with next steps You will be added into a Telegram group where we will be sharing the link to the event and pre-event materials! *please note that some sessions will…, I'm worried about my internet connectivity. Can I still join the sessions?, All @KitaConnect activities will be conducted remotely. However, we encourage participants with weak internet connection to still register! For sessions that will be conducted on Zoom, we will be providing a dial-in number for participants to tune in to sessions via dial-in audio. @KitaConnect will share resources and recordings of sessions, so…, What accessibility provisions does KC have?, We try our best to be an inclusive and safe space for all - this means that all @KitaConnect sessions will be conducted in dwibahasa (both in English and Bahasa Malaysia). KC sessions will also have a sign-language interpretation facility. For participants with disabilities, please indicate additional support you might require to participate in…, Do I have to join all the sessions to participate in KC?, Nope! All sessions are independent of each other and you may register for all sessions that interest you. However, we will be continuously engaging the KC community through Discord with polls & resources - so make sure to join us there!, Are the sessions free to join?, Yes! All KC sessions are free-of-charge. All we ask is for you to bring your best self & participate actively when you do join in a session 😁, Am I eligible to participate?, @KitaConnect is open to all young people in Malaysia aged between 13-25. For young people who are above the age of 25 and are eager to get involved, get in touch via kitaconnect2020@gmail.com for opportunities to contribute in different ways., More Resources about @KitaConnect , •     @KitaConnect's Assessment Report, Announcements, Helplines, Here's a list of helplines that you can contact if you need any assistance or information. Stay safe and healthy! Helplines
04 May 2021

KitaConnect Assessment Report

Adolescents and young people are hidden victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. They are heavily affected by school closures, movement restrictions, the increasing unemployment rate, and the continuous worry about their own health and of loved ones. During this critical period, it is crucial to have access to a platform where they can maintain their level of social interaction and learn something new from their peers to stay motivated. Despite the limitations of face-to-face interaction during the pandemic, UNICEF Malaysia came up with a new way to communicate with adolescents and youths beyond the traditional UNICEF social media platforms. As of March 2021, KitaConnect has successfully engaged more than 500,000 young people, through more than 23 online sessions, 237 messages, 13 polls, 134 social media posts and 5 challenges. At least 60% of the KitaConnect members comprise of adolescents and young people aged 10-24 while 40% are adults aged 25 and above. Of these KitaConnect members, 77% were females and 4% were Persons with Disability. A survey was disseminated to KitaConnect members to assess their interest in activities, their preference in topics, their learnings, and their satisfaction with current platforms. The findings of the survey are presented in this report, and will inform the design of the next phase of KitaConnect starting from this year. UNICEF is committed to scaling up this online youth engagement platform to meet the diverse needs of young people, especially from the marginalized communities, in the next phase. As UNICEF marks its 75th anniversary this year, we continue to respond, recover and reimagine a better world for every child and young person.