What Children in Malaysia want! (and don't want)

Our dream poll results!

Joyce Chan
Children running with Malaysia flag
18 November 2020

"I dream of … living in a greener planet"

"I dream of … studying what I love"

We all have dreams.

Recently, UNICEF conducted an online poll where children and young people shared their dreams for the future and what they want, including the challenges they face in getting there. Here are some insights shared by respondents:

  • Nearly 50% want to live in a safer world which means they don’t feel safe in their current living environment.
  • 70% of respondents in Malaysia say that the #COVID19 pandemic has made realising their dreams more challenging.
  • 53% of respondents felt supportive friends, family members and communities are a key to achieving their dreams.

What would your dream look like and what's keeping you from living them? Share with us

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Top 3 barriers infographic
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