A note to my teacher

Messages of gratitude especially for teachers from UNICEF supporters

children in school with teacher
15 May 2020

This Teacher's Day, UNICEF asked our supporters in Malaysia to send in their special messages for their beloved teachers. The top 5 messages would be shared on our digital platforms. However, we received an overwhelming number and instead decided to share 12 selected messages here on our website!

Thank you for sending in your lovely messages. 

Note: all messages are reproduced without editing to maintain authenticity.

    Teacher's Day Messages


    Muhammad Fawwaz 

    To the world you may be just a teacher but to your students you are the superpower that can change the person to be a leader. Thank you for your kindness and inspiration Cikgu Rozaidi!


    Divya Dharshini

    I found love, friendship, guidance and discipline in one person and that's you. Thank you teacher, for reaching deep in me to find all I can be before I could. You never gave up on me. I have a future now because of you. Thank you teacher,your my unsung hero/heroine.


    Izham Razak

    A teacher deserves to get a crown and claimed to be the hardest job ever! It's all not about the job, it's about their sincerity to educate us to become a nurtured student. There is nothing we can pay for them except their smiles when we get flying colours :)



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    Naurah Mursyidah 

    Saya ingin mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kepada semua guru di Malaysia kerana tetap berusaha menyalurkan ilmu kepada kami meskipun kita sedang mengalami pandemik covid-19. Usaha murni guru dalam menjalankan amanah, memberi didikan kepada kami amatlah dihargai. Saya sayang cikgu ❤️


    Vanisha Krishnakumar

    Thank you for always supporting and showing me the right way. Thank you for continuously inspiring me to do my best. I found a poem in Pinterest. I would like to share it here;

    Architects made houses

    Writers made poetry

    Scientists made discoveries

    Teachers made them all

    Happy Teacher's Day!


    Ahmad Danish Azinuddin

    My parents gave me life and it was you who taught me how to live it. You introduced honesty, integrity, and passion to my character 😉 and also thanks for being an excellent teachers who sacrificed who knows how many sleep at night! especially during online classes. I am indebted to have a guide like you in my life! and lastly i would like to say HAPPY TEACHERS DAY🥰


    Nur Insyiroh

    teacher's day message 2

    Fatin Athirah

    Teacher, It is an unexplainable memories and experience that I had when I had you as my English teacher before. U ‘light’ me up, guide me and hold my hand, when others just only give me a torchlight to survive in the darkness. U lead me back to the lane when I started to drift out from my path of studies. U always put a hope on your student and let them be the best as they could. If u are a person to the people, u are the world to ur student. I love u teacher and thank u for the best memories. I did enjoy my school’s life! 💌🥰 thanks teacher @nnrcy


    Fasya Atika


    Teacher, you are the reason I excel in what I do. I wouldn’t be who I am today if weren’t for you. You are our heroes.

    “Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.”– Malala Yousafzai


    Amalia Aina 

    Dear Sir Khairul Nizam,I have been blessed that you came to my life, you are forever cherished, my dear teacher. Not everyone has the heart of roses and such dedication as you. Whatever challenges, you had to face in your life, you're still the best among the best. On this day, I want you to fathom how wonderful, meaningful, and amazing you're. Getting up every day is exciting knowing that I’ll be spending the day with my most favorite teacher in the world. Adoration, devotion, dedication, adulation are what you have so you deserve to be celebrated.

    Happy Teacher's Day my brightest best teacher in the world! Always and forever I know, I love you and you're the best!


    Nur Sarah

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