State of the World's Children


2013: Children with Disabilities

2012 : Children in an urban world

2011: Adolescence

Special: Child rights

2009: Maternal + newborn health

2008: Child survival

2007: Gender equality


An agenda for action

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Every person in society has a role to play in realising the promise of equity for all children.

Ratify and implement the Conventions
Countries that have ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Convention on the Rights of the Child have to honour their commitments through diligent enforcement, monitoring and adaptation, underscored by their accountability to the public.

Fight discrimination
There can be no prejudices against disability, whether in laws, policies and services, or in people's hearts and minds.

Dismantle barriers to inclusion
Children with disabilities need to be able to access all environments, participate in civic and social activities, and be protected from exploitation and abuse, especially through birth registration.

Support children and families
While institutional care is phased out, increased support needs to be given for family-based care and community-based rehabilitation. Families need financial support, such as social grants, subsidies for transportation or funding for respite care.

Move beyond minimum standards
Existing supports and services should be continually improved to serve the individual child as well as transform entire systems and societies.

Coordinate services
The health, education and welfare sectors need to coordinate their services to effectively address all of children's needs, including early identification of disabilities, education and employment.

Involve children in decisions
Children and adolescents with disabilities belong at the centre of efforts to build inclusive societies – not just as beneficiaries, but as agents of change.

The success of all these efforts is when every child with a disability enjoys her or his rights on a par with other children.

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State of the World's Children 2013

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