State of the World's Children


2013: Children with Disabilities

2012 : Children in an urban world

2011: Adolescence

Special: Child rights

2009: Maternal + newborn health

2008: Child survival

2007: Gender equality



Despite key achievements in the last two decades, much remains to be done to make the promise of the Convention on the Rights of the Child a reality for every child, everywhere.

The challenges are multiple and massive:

§ An estimated 1 billion children are still living with one or more forms of material deprivation.

§ Millions of children, particularly in Africa and Asia, lack access to quality health-care services, micronutrient supplementation, education, improved water sources and sanitation facilities, and adequate shelter.

§ On average, more than 24,000 children under five still die every day from largely preventable causes.

§ Between 500 million and 1.5 billion children are estimated to experience violence annually.

§ Around 150 million children aged 5–14 are engaged in child labour.

§ In excess of 140 million underfives are underweight for their age.

§ Around 100 million children of primary school age are not enrolled in primary school.

§ Child participation is still in its infancy and has yet to receive widespread adoption in industrialised and developing countries.

Disparities in realising child rights are increasingly apparent in all countries.

Evidence shows that some children are at greater risk of missing out on essential services and protection than others, particularly children from marginalised, remote and impoverished communities, those who are disabled, from minority or indigenous populations, or those living in families with low levels of mother’s education.





Video: CRC, 2009 - Progress & Challenges




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