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Adolescence – An Age of Opportunity

Creating a better life for young people through fulfillment of adolescent rights is not just about developing a society where everybody understands and respects these rights – it is also very much about the actions taken to ensure these rights are upheld everyday.

Policy and Legislative Changes:

Introducing and adapting legislation and policies are among the essential steps to creating improved living conditions and future opportunities for adolescents. Social budgeting should focus on building institutions for adolescent-friendly policies.

Supportive Business Practices:

The Children’s Rights and Business Principles by UNICEF, the UN Global Compact and Save the Children can guide companies on the full range of actions they may take in the workplace, the marketplace and the community to safeguard children and adolescent rights.

Positive Attitudes, Traditions and Beliefs:

Speaking out against sex with minors, corporal punishment, harmful traditional practices, or differences in the perceived status and value between boys and girls, will make a world of difference in improving the lives of adolescents.

Adolescents as Active Citizens:

Adolescents need information and knowledge to be equipped to protect themselves. The media can help by soliciting the views of adolescents and addressing topics from their point of view.





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Adolescence: An age of opportunity - Malaysia


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