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Blogging campaign

I have a voice!
By UNICEF and Nuffnang
12 August - 30 September 2011

Calling teens and youth!

§ What is it like to be a teen in Malaysia? Do you think you are unfairly stereotyped by adults? Are your rights and basic needs met?

§ Do you have access to age-appropriate information that will protect you from health risks such as teenage pregnancies and HIV?

§ Do you feel there is too much pressure placed on you to always score As in exams?

§ Do you have time and space to play games and sport?

§ Do you feel safe from violence and abuse at home, in school, in your neighbourhood and community?

§ Do you have space to participate and be heard on issues that are important to you?

§ Can you make meaningful contributions to tackle poverty, violence and discrimination in your community? How do you and your friends address such concerns?

§ What are your fears, and your dreams?

Asia-Pacific’s first blog advertising community Nuffnang and UNICEF are calling out to teen and youth netizens to blog about your lives and experiences as adolescents (that’s anyone between 10 – 19 years) .... and to share with the world why adolescence is an age of opportunity when the energy and creativity of teens should be nurtured and encouraged.

We hope our call to action, organised in conjunction with the launch of the State of the World’s Children (SOWC) 2011 report in Malaysia, will encourage you to talk about your rights and responsibilities as citizens and to share experiences of youth participation at different levels – in your family, at school, the community and society.

"I have a voice. I want to be a part of the change today, to be sure for a better tomorrow." - Petaling Jaya Child Council

To get started, you can browse the content on this site: Challenges, Threats in Malaysia, What Needs to Be Done and Benefits of Action. UNICEF has also prepared the following materials to help you spread the word and promote this year’s SOWC theme: Adolescence – An Age of Opportunity.

§ Bloggers’ Fact Sheet

§ SOWC Logo designed by teens from the KL Krash Pad

§ Web banners in three sizes to promote the campaign

§ Multimedia, including videos by Malaysian adolescents

This one and the half month campaign until the end of September honours article 12 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child which upholds your right to participation and expression.

So seize the opportunity today to speak up and be heard!

PS ... Please send UNICEF an email to tell us about your blogging efforts so that we can share some of these on our UNICEF Malaysia Facebook page and help you spread the word. Email:  

PS ... You can blog in English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil – any language you are most comfortable with.

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Adolescence: An age of opportunity

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Adolescence: An age of opportunity - Malaysia


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