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Celebrating children’s right to be heard

Theoneminutesjrs is a video initiative that highlights and celebrates the diversity among youth around the world. The youth-produced 60-second videos illustrate the power of the visual arts to transcend cultural and geographic borders.

These are some of the videos produced by youth in Malaysia.

The Passionate Bookworm
Article 28: Right to Education
By Danizalina a/p Jasmin, 14, Perak (Orang Asli)

A Happy Day
Article 23: Children with disabilities
By Muhammad Syarifuddin bin Mohd Razib, 15, Kuala Lumpur

My Emotions
Article 13: Freedom of Expression
By Mhd. Lex Qayyum bin Hais, 16, Sabah

Article 13: Freedom of Expression
By Muci a/l Angkas, 16, Perak (Temiar)

Alive and Kicking
Article 31: Right to Play
By Muhammad Atiqurrahman bin Bashirun, 16, Kedah

Article 24: Clean environment
By Qusyairi Zazili, 16, Selangor

Mari Bernyanyi Bersama-sama
Article 13: Freedom of Expression
By Ihsan Basri Bin Mohd Noor, 17, Kelantan (Temiar)

Innocence = dreams
Article 29: Quality Education
By Wan Sue-An, 17, Selangor





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theoneminutesjr Workshop, Malaysia

Daily Lives & Dreams
  Malacca, Malaysia
  5-9 February 2009

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