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Avian flu

A Media Guide

Communication is one of the most critical components of a successful response to an avian flu outbreak.

The media has an important role to play to prepare and educate the public as well as to ensure accurate and balanced reporting during such a crisis.

In this Media Guide, produced by UNICEF Malaysia, you will find facts about avian influenza (H5N1), background information, myth busters and reporting tips.

The Guide is divided into Part 1: About the H5N1 Virus and Mythbusters and Part 2: Reporting Tips and Resources.

§ English:     Part 1   •  Part 2

§ Malay:       Part 1   •  Part 2

§ Chinese:    Part 1   •  Part 2

§ Tamil:        Part 1   •  Part 2

Published by UNICEF Malaysia in October, 2006.





H5N1 Communication Resources


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