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Protection + Violence

Child Protection
§ Child protection overview
§ Child protection and the MDGs
§ UN Study on Violence against Children
§ Child abuse in Malaysia

Ending Violence against Women
Study of the Secretary-General

§ Unmet needs, broken promises
§ Forms, consequences and costs
§ Fighting violence against women: What works

Safe Schools: Positive Discipline
Ending corporal punishment

§ Fostering a positive environment in schools
§ Negative punishment and its effects
§ Action ideas for teachers
§ Project: ‘Teacher Education'

Safe Schools: Ending Bullying
§ Nature, scope and effects of bullying
§ Psychosocial impact of violence and bullying on children
§ Safety tips for parents, teachers and students

Safe Communities
§ Nature, symptoms and consequences of violence
§ Stop violence: Safety tips for children and teens
§ Stop violence: Safety tips for parents and the public

Child Injury Prevention
§ What you can do to prevent child injuries
§ Make your communities safe for children
§ How kids can learn to prevent injuries

Preventing Teenage Pregnancies
§ Teenage pregnancies and family planning
§ Preventing teenage pregnancies: Strategies for success
§ Preventing teenage pregnancies: 10 tips for parents

Justice for All
§ Children in conflict with the law
§ Nature, symptoms and consequences
§ International legal frameworks to protect children
§ UNICEF’s position on Justice for All

Role of Families
§ Trends affecting families in East and Southeast Asia
§ Role of men and boys in achieving gender equality
§ Enhancing men’s roles and responsibilities in the family
§ Strengthening families – UNICEF’s role





Resources: Protection

Child Protection: Malaysia

Say No to Violence Against Children


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