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Education brings promise to Malaysia’s remote interior
LONG LUTENG, 20 November 2009 – Meriam Anyie was born in the rainforest of Borneo. As members of the Penan ethnic group, a nomadic indigenous people, she and her family spent most of their life in the jungle, never living in a permanent home.

My planet earth
GEORGETOWN, September 2008 - In celebration of International Literacy Day 2008, UNICEF is proud to share the words and hopes of 9-year old Malaysian Shanelle Alayna.

Reaching out to Orang Asli and indigenous pre-schoolers in Malaysia's remote regions
KAMPUNG PETA, Malaysia, 2 September 2008 – The ancient jungle of Endau-Rompin National Park, deep in Peninsular Malaysia, is home to rare species of birds, butterflies and rhinoceros, as well as a diverse range of plant life.

Using folklore to promote and enrich education for Orang Asli children
TASIK CINI, 31 August 2008 – Assembled around a village elder, members of the younger generation listen to tales of their ancestors. Clad in a traditional headpiece made of dried leaves, Awang Bin Alok, 67, shares his stories with young students.

Promoting a passion for reading on remote Malaysian islands
TIMBANG ISLAND Sabah, 29 February 2008 – As bursts of pink and orange peek through the cloudy morning sky, two young boys hop into a long wooden motorboat with their mothers. They are heading for Timbang Island, a half-hour journey away, to attend school.

Giving an early boost to the next generation of Malaysia’s ‘Orang Asli’
GERIK, Malaysia, 1 May 2007 – Simah Asir holds a job that many of her neighbours feel is unnecessary. She is a preschool teacher in a small village two hours by jeep from the nearest sizeable town.





Video: Penan Education

20 November 2009:

Programs to promote education for indigenous people in Malaysia.

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