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Investing in protection for children living with HIV and AIDS
KUALA LUMPUR, 19 July 2010 – Thirteen year old Aina is determined to be a filmmaker when she grows up. “Women can make good filmmakers. As for me, I’m going to make feel-good films because sad stories are simply too tiresome,” she said.

Helping young people overcome drug addiction
KUALA LUMPUR, 22 July 2009 – Sharkozy (not his real name) began living the 'high society' life 10 years ago, when he started experimenting with marijuana and Erimin-5 with the local boys in his neighbourhood.

Malaysian women are key to making a difference on HIV and AIDS
KUALA LUMPUR, 18 December 2008 – Thousands of children in Malaysia either live in homes with a family member who is living with HIV, have been orphaned by AIDS or are living with the virus themselves.

A sense of belonging for children living with HIV
KUALA LUMPUR, 1 December 2008 - Snow white canvas school shoes from size 1 to 7 forming a line almost as long as the wire fence of the house were drying under the late afternoon sun.

Raising HIV awareness one conversation at a time
SUNGEI PETANI, KEDAH, 1 April 2008 - The story of the late Sami and his wife Ama (not their real names) is one that is becoming increasingly common in their low-cost housing community and surrounding neighborhoods in the northern Malaysian state of Kedah.

3R-UNICEF All Women’s Futsal Playoffs empower girls to fight AIDS
KUALA LUMPUR, 4 March 2008 – More than 1,000 girls and women from across Malaysia came together recently in a spirit of sisterhood and empowerment to unite against AIDS.

Youth turns passion for rap into AIDS message
IPOH, December 2007 - Among the 10 winners of the recent international MTV-UNICEF VLOGIT contest, 22-year-old Malaysian, Chow Jia Long’s entry stood out not just for its passion and zest but also because it was a rap.

Religious leader takes the lead in AIDS awareness
ARAU, PERLIS, December 2007 – On a sunny Saturday morning in the Mata Ayer District, children and their families gathered together with religious leaders at Oran Mosque (Masjid Oran) in what looked like a typical family day.

Young educators take the AIDS message to schools
KUALA LUMPUR, 17 November 2007 – While girls across the country geared up for the 3R-UNICEF All Women’s Futsal Playoffs, another kind of action was taking place in school halls in Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur.

Regaining our humanity to protect children
KUALA LUMPUR, 26 June 2007 - Imran sits on his shabby sofa feebly eating a piece of fried banana. He manages a weak smile, looking up at his uncle gratefully.

Addressing the double stigma of HIV/AIDS and drug use
KUALA LUMPUR, 2 June 2007 – Injecting drug users are overwhelmingly the largest contributor to the spread of HIV and AIDS in Malaysia. And in this country, as in many other societies around the world, they bear a double stigma.

Getting the better of HIV
KUALA LUMPUR, 20 May 2007 – Pretty twenty-one year old Tasha is excited about her future. Like her friends, she has dreams of being the best she can, of finding love and having her own family. Tasha is also HIV-positive.

Young Malaysian footballers go on the offensive against HIV and AIDS
KUALA LUMPUR, 6 May 2007 – Shawn Daniels holds a teammate in a headlock, refusing to let go. Instead of coming to the aid of Shawn’s captive, the rest of the team looks on and laughs. “This is when we have AIDS,” says Dipra Ray, 19.

Malaysia works to break the cycle of mother-to-child HIV transmission
KUALA LUMPUR/LANGKAWI, 2 April 2007 – Puteri, 12, picks up a large orange tablet and drops it into her mouth. It takes two gulps of water before she manages to swallow it.

Giving hope to HIV-positive women
KOTA BAHRU, March 2007 - Staff nurse Zaimah Hussin's patients know they can reach her on the telephone at all hours, and even on public holidays. The counselling nurse at a government hospital, helps her patients come to terms with their HIV infection.

Malaysian youth centres help to keep children safe from HIV/AIDS
PENDANG KEDAH, 22 November 2006 – Like most adolescents, Mat felt the need to belong to a group and wanted to experiment with high-risk behavior. At 17, he found himself joining an illegal motorbike gang in an attempt to fit in. “I thought I was so cool".

Working together to overcome HIV/AIDS
KUALA LUMPUR, 2 February 2006 – “Everyday I wake up and I look around me. I am on my soft bed surrounded by four beautifully painted peach walls, with a roof over my head."

Helping us live in a world free of AIDS and HIV
KUALA LUMPUR, 25 November 2005 – “On the 12th of November 2005, twenty young people including myself joined 3R TV Hosts in a very insightful discussion on issues that young people in Malaysia face everyday regarding HIV and AIDS.”

Speaking up on issues that matter to youth
KUALA LUMPUR, 17 April 2005 – Brought up with the idea of “adults command, children listen”, I was beyond excited to be at a place where young people’s views would be heard and taken seriously.





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