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Protective environment
Guided by the Child Act 2001 and the National Child Protection Policy and Plan of Action of 2009, UNICEF is involved in several projects that seek to put in place a holistic child protection system. These include:

§ development of operational procedures for child care professionals; and,

§ training and workshops on development of child and family welfare systems.

Social Workers
In collaboration with Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, UNICEF provided support to the Malaysian Association of Social Workers to build capacity of social workers for compliance with the upcoming Social Workers Bill. A pool of master social-work trainers with expertise in child protection has been established through trainings to enhance the competency of front-line child protection workers nationwide.

Minimum standards of care
UNICEF and the Department of Social Welfare have developed standards of care for NGO care centres and homes. These standards provide a framework of operational, care and protection for outsourced care centres run by NGOs, and complement the Child Protection Policy and National Action Plan for Children.

NGO Partners
UNICEF is building capacity of various NGOs in child rights, organisational management and development, advocacy, quality services to children. We also collaborate with corporates to provide training for NGOs to support them in implementing a child protection policy in their homes. Such trainings reflect our focus on engaging corporate partners to carry out CSR activities.

Children and Youth People
UNICEF is supporting a range of children and young people's capacity development activities to ensure that children participate actively in policy debates and dialogues with relevant government stakeholders. These include capacity development to collect and analyse data, and monitor the implementation of the CRC, participate in local government meetings and expand community services to build child-friendly schools, as well as organising international visits by high-profile individuals.





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