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Tackling school bullying
UNICEF is working with the HELP University College Psychology Department and the Ministry of Education to enhance the overall capacity of schools to efficiently cope with disciplinary behaviour amongst students.

A Bullying Prevention manual has been produced and workshops organised to train state education officers, teachers and teacher-trainers in international practices to manage peer-bullying in schools. The overall aim is to implement a nationwide bully intervention program in schools through the Government framework.

Protective environment
Guided by the Child Act 2001 and the National Child Protection Policy and Plan of Action of 2009, UNICEF is involved in several projects that seek to put in place a holistic child protection system. These include:

§ development of operational procedures for child care professionals; and,

§ training and workshops on development of child and family welfare systems.

Minimum standards of care
UNICEF worked with the Department of Social Welfare to develop standards of care for NGO care centres and homes. These standards provide a framework of operational, care and protection for outsourced care centres run by NGOs, and complement the Child Protection Policy and National Action Plan for Children.

The standards of care will also be used to advocate to the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development to standardise at a national level all the types of centres recognised in the Care Centre Act and Child Care Centre Act, as well as to develop a regulatory and monitoring system to keep track of the quality of care of NGO centres and homes.





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Violence against children: Schools


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