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All children, including those in conflict with the law, have rights.

Yet, many of these children drop through the cracks and are deprived of their liberties.

In 2005, some 7,200 boys and girls in Malaysia were reported to the Social Welfare Department for being in conflict with the law. For every 100 of them, 3 were children between the ages of 7 and 12 years old. Criminal responsibility in Malaysia begins at the age of 10.

UNICEF is working with a range of partners in Malaysia to introduce “Justice for all children”. The program recognises children who come into conflict with the law as victims, acknowledging that a majority of them are victims of neglect, exploitation and social and economic hardship. Justice for children also recognises the right of these children to have proper care, education, guidance, protection and the opportunity of social reintegration. 

In collaboration with a variety of Government and NGO partners, UNICEF will develop positive, life-enhancing solutions for children and young people by training court officials, police and judges in alternative approaches to sentencing as well as promoting diversionary programs and restorative based approaches.

A juvenile justice system that is ‘child friendly’ aims for the healthy development of the child and helps them to learn from their mistakes and move ahead positively. Not only does the child win, but so too does society.






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