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§ Ministry of Health (MoH)
UNICEF has worked with the MoH since 1954 in child and maternal health and nutrition. Today, UNICEF supports the MoH response to HIV and AIDS and health programs for marginalised and vulnerable children.

§ AIDS/STD Section, MoH
The AIDS/STD Section strives to create a community free from HIV, AIDS and other STDs. UNICEF works with the Section to provide policy level support for the National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS 2006-2010, the management of the harm reduction program, as well as surveillance and monitoring systems, and addressing the vulnerability of children and women to HIV.

§ Family Health Development Division, MoH
The Family Health Development Division focuses on improving the health and well-being of a family through the entire life cycle. UNICEF has worked with the Division on improving health care support for children with special needs, and is currently looking at improving young child feeding and the management of childhood illnesses.

§ Institute of Health Management (IHM), MoH
IHM was established by the Ministry of Health to conduct training, research and consultancy in health management. The IHM-UNICEF collaborative Centre for Health Policy, Enhancement and Appraisal is piloting a child injury surveillance system to collect information that will contribute towards developing appropriate child protection policies.

§ Sarawak State Health Department
The Sarawak Health Department provides health services through a network of static and mobile facilities that provide promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative care to urban and rural populations. UNICEF is supporting Sarawak to develop the capacity of its health care staff, as part of an initiative to scale up child health delivery services and reduce child malnutrition.



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