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§ Ministry of Education (MoE)
MoE works towards developing a world-class education system which will realise the full potential of the individual and fulfil the aspiration of all Malaysians. UNICEF works with the MOE to reduce educational disparities among indigenous, rural and remote communities, promote safe schools and initiate Early Learning and Development Standards.

§ Curriculum Development Centre, MoE
The CDC is responsible for developing the national school curriculum in line with the National Education Philosophy. CDC and UNICEF are working together to motivate Orang Asli children to attend school by using traditional folklores in the curriculum.

§ Education Planning and Research Division, MoE
The EPRD is responsible for research and planning activities to develop the national education system. One of EPRD’s main activities is to ensure equity and access to quality education. UNICEF works with EPRD to improve literacy among children in rural and remote schools of Sabah and Sarawak, enhance the learning experience of children with special needs, as well as to promote participation and self-expression of young people through the oneminutesJr video workshop.



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