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AIESEC Malaysia 
Present in over 800 universities in over 90 countries and territories, AIESEC, the world's largest student organisation, is the international platform for young people to discover and develop their potential so as to have a positive impact in society. In Malaysia, AIESEC provides young people a space to work on issues like HIV and AIDS with the aim to educate and increase awareness amongst young people; to influence behavioral change amongst students; and to promote healthy living and meaningful life that will result in a reduction in the number of young people involved in risky behaviors. In partnership with UNICEF and the Football Association of Malaysia, AIESEC youth are taking a proactive role to educate teenage footballers from the FAM "First Touch Football Program" about HIV and AIDS. 

EMPOWER (Pusat Jana Daya) 
EMPOWER is a local NGO that empowers maginalised and vulnerable communities and promotes social and democratic values that will bring about a just and peaceful society. Since 2005, UNICEF has supported EMPOWER to strengthen community-based psychosocial support for children, women and families affected by the tsunami through community conversations, workshops and related activities.

Football Association of Malaysia
The first foundation stone for the Football Association of Malaya (FAM) was laid in 1926 before it was officially founded as a national body in 1933. FAM is the governing body for soccer in Malaysia, responsible for organising the Malaysian national football team and the major soccer tournaments within the country. In 1996, FAM initiated the "First Touch Football Program" providing children in the Klang Valley with an opportunity to build their self-esteem and socialise in a safe environment through the game of football. Recognising the threat of HIV on young lives, FAM chose to use the 2007 "First Touch Football Program" in support of Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS. With the help of young people from AIESEC, the program delivers HIV and AIDS education each month to teenage footballers during their weekend football clinics.

Malaysian Association for the Protection of Children (MAPC) 
Established in 1994, MAPC consists of a multi-disciplinary advocacy group of volunteers who promote child protection through programs that raise awareness about child rights as well as child abuse and neglect. MAPC also trains and empowers children, professionals, the Government and NGOs with knowledge and skills to further prevent child abuse and neglect. UNICEF works with MAPC to strengthen the protective environment for children in Malaysia.

Malaysian Council for Child Welfare (MKKM) 
MKKM was founded in 1954 to improve the lives of children in Malaysia. MKKM and its affiliates support the Government to promote and enhance the total development of children. UNICEF works with MKKM to create awareness in Malaysia about child injury and accidents.

MERCY Malaysia 
MERCY Malaysia is a non-profit organisation that focuses on rapid medical response for the assistance of communities affected by disasters in Malaysia and around the world. In partnership with UNICEF, MERCY Malaysia is seeking to develop programs and initiatives that addresses the socio- economic and health needs of marginalised communities and contribute to evidence based policy analysis of children in the area of survival, development, protection and participation. 



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