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Collaborating to turn promises into action


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Collaborating to turn promises into action

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UNICEF always works with others to make things better.

Partnerships are essential because the challenges before us are too great to solve alone.

§ Governments are our main partners. We collaborate with everyone from Heads of State and ministers to governors, mayors and community councils.

§ Non-governmental organisations both international and national, youth groups, women’s organisations, religious groups, communities and families are our partners.

§ Young people are deeply involved in what UNICEF does. When they have a voice in public debate, everyone benefits.

§ Media and celebrities work with us to make change happen in the present and to plan for it in the future.

§ Donors support our people and our programs. UNICEF is funded entirely by voluntary contributions. The majority of our funds come from governments and we also receive help from the private sector, and individuals who support our efforts.





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