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Youth Take Action

Tackling Climate Change

“We are not the sources of problems; we are the resources that are needed to solve them. We are not expenses; we are investments. We are not just young people; we are people and citizens of this world." - Children’s Statement excerpt at the opening of the UN General Assembly’s Special Session on Children, 8 May 2002

Be part of the solution – here are some actions you can take:


§ Share televisions, computers, and other electronic items with other members of your household

§ When electrical and electronic items are not being used, unplug them


§ Avoid buying the newest version of a product if the current version is still functioning well

§ Learn more about the products you buy, including their carbon footprint


§ Spread the word! In real life and online, engage in conversations about climate change and the environment. One great place to do that is Voices of Youth

  Transportation & Travel

§ As much as possible, use public transportation, bike, skate, or walk instead of driving

§ Combine errands to avoid extra car trips

§ If flying cannot be avoided, take direct flights and avoid overpacking: extra weight means more fuel burned

Source: United Nations’ World Youth Report 2010: Youth & Climate Change

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Learn more and take action:

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Report on Children and Climate Change



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