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UNICEF in Action

©UNICEF/LAOA2011 -00096/Kittisak Khouhathong

May 8, 2012 marked the 10-year anniversary of A World Fit for Children, a document outlining the commitments made by some 180 nations at the end of the UN General Assembly’s Special Session on Children.

One of the commitments is:

Protect the Earth for children. We must safeguard our natural environment, with its diversity of life, its beauty and its resources, all of which enhance the quality of life, for present and future generations. We will give every assistance to protect children and minimize the impact of natural disasters and environmental degradation on them.”

UNICEF's work in this area includes:

Supporting young people’s activism. UNICEF’s Unite for Climate online community, designed for youth-based NGOs, provides a variety of tools to support collaboration between young people in their climate-change related projects and initiatives.

Helping governments improve technology and hygiene education. UNICEF helps governments develop low-cost water and sanitation programs and promotes hygiene education at the community level.

Helping schools give children a good start. UNICEF, together with its partners at global and country level, helps improve sanitation and promote hygiene practices, like handwashing, in schools.

Providing emergency interventions. A global leader in emergency responses to natural and man-made disasters, UNICEF disseminates water, containers and water purification tablets and helps build pit latrines. Longer-term help includes large-scale drilling and hand pump installation programs.

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