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Mother's Day 2012


Safe motherhood

Every pregnancy is special
10 tips for a healthy pregnancy and safe childbirth

Safe motherhood and childbirth for every woman is reliant on skilled and motivated healthcare workers, a dynamic health system and the care provided by families and communities.

01. A young woman needs information about pregnancy and the risks of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV when she begins to be sexually active. More

02. A healthy and well-nourished woman before pregnancy can greatly reduce later risks associated with childbearing for mother and baby. More

03. All pregnant women need at least 4 prenatal care visits to help ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy. More

04. Pregnant women and their families need to be able to recognise labour signs and the warning signs of pregnancy complications, and have in place plans if problems arise. More

05. Every pregnant woman must have a skilled birth attendant assisting her during childbirth. More

06. Post-natal care for mother and child reduces the risk of complications and supports mothers and fathers to help their new baby get a healthy start in life. More

07. Violence against women is wrong. When a woman is pregnant, violence increases the risk of miscarriage, premature labour and having a low-birthweight baby. More

08. Smoking, alcohol, drugs and pollutants are harmful to pregnant women, the developing foetus, babies and young children. More

09. In the workplace, pregnant women and new mothers should be protected from health risks and granted time to breastfeed or express breastmilk. More

10. Pregnant women or new mothers have a right to care and respect from health workers who are competent and sensitive to cultural practices. More





Mother's Day

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