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UNICEF makes its mark in 3 of 10 Yahoo! ‘Inspirations’ for 2007
NEW YORK, USA, 31 December 2007 – The Yahoo! News ‘Year in Review’ has cited 10 top stories from 2007 “that bring cause for optimism and hope.” And in 3 of these 10 Yahoo! ‘Inspirations’, UNICEF played a key part.

UNICEF releases 2007 Tsunami Report
NEW YORK/GENEVA, 18 December 2007 - Three years after the Indian Ocean Tsunami claimed the lives of more than 200,000 people and devastated towns and communities, UNICEF has released its 2007 Tsunami report highlighting progress made for children.

The good and bad news of HIV in Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR, 15 December 2007 – The First National AIDS Conference brought good news and bad news. Malaysia’s Minister of Health Dato’ Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek highlighted that new reported HIV infections had reduced annually in the last five years.

UN General Assembly plenary closes with renewed commitment to children
NEW YORK, USA, 13 December 2007 – This week’s landmark United Nations General Assembly plenary ended today with a renewed commitment to meeting the goals laid out five years ago in ‘A World Fit for Children’.

Children initiate UN discussions on education and climate change
NEW YORK, USA, 12 December 2007 – As policy makers and scientists from around the world discuss responses to climate change at a UN conference in Bali, young people convening at the UN in New York added their voices to the debate.

UN General Assembly opens high-level meeting on children’s issues
NEW YORK, USA, 11 December 2007 – The United Nations General Assembly began high-level talks on Tuesday, convening for a commemorative plenary meeting devoted to following up on the outcome of the 2002 Special Session on Children.

‘Progress for Children’ – UNICEF launches five-year report on Special Session goals
NEW YORK, USA, 10 December 2007 – Five years after world leaders gathered at the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Children, UNICEF today launches ‘Progress for Children: A World Fit for Children Statistical Review’.

Youth Forum sets stage for ‘A World Fit for Children Plus 5’ UN meeting
NEW YORK, USA, 9 December 2007 – About 75 children from more than 50 countries met at UNICEF headquarters in New York today to prepare for a United Nations session on children’s rights this week.

PROSTAR Youth Centres score with Manchester United FC
KUALA LUMPUR, 1 December 2007 – The Ministry of Health and the UNICEF supported PROSTAR Youth Centres in Malaysia’s northern states of Kedah and Perlis have scored a winning goal with world renowned football club, Manchester United FC.

Celebrating Youth Leadership in Action
MEDIA INVITE, KUALA LUMPUR - While young people have been referred to as the 'hope' to halt and reverse the course of the epidemic, not enough has been done to engage them as leaders in national responses to HIV.

HIV-positive mom tells media editors how stigma is destroying lives
KUALA LUMPUR, 20 November 2007 – “It is not HIV that kills us but stigma. Stigma destroys our spirit and soul, and leaves us feeling hopeless”, cried Puan Khalsom, a HIV-positive mother of three children. “And when I suffer, my children suffer with me."

Girls and women celebrate life at 3R-UNICEF All Women’s Futsal Playoffs 2007
JOHOR BAHRU, 17 November 2007 – Some 200 women and girls came together today to celebrate life and participate in the 3R-UNICEF All Women’s Futsal Playoffs Southern Championships, launched by HRH Raja Zarith Sofiah, consort to the Regent of Johor.

Malaysian youth joins peers to use new media to speak out on HIV and AIDS
KUALA LUMPUR, 15 November 2007 – Twenty-two year old Malaysian Chow Jia Long joined nine of his peers from around the world earlier this year for the first phase of UNICEF and MTV Networks International’s Staying Alive program titled VLOGIT.

Young educators take the AIDS message to schools
KUALA LUMPUR, 17 November 2007 – While girls across the country geared up for the 3R-UNICEF All Women’s Futsal Playoffs, another kind of action was taking place in school halls in Johor Bahru and Kuala Lumpur.

Man U gives thumbs up for 3R-UNICEF futsal playoffs for girls
KUALA LUMPUR, 5 November 2007 – Manchester United FC, one of the world’s most popular football clubs, has given the thumbs up to the girls program under the 3R-UNICEF All Women’s Futsal Playoffs 2007, organised in conjunction with World AIDS Day.

World AIDS Day 2007 celebrates LEADERSHIP
MEDIA ADVISORY - KUALA LUMPUR, 1 November 2007 – Every day in Malaysia people are coming together in their families, schools, communities, and workplace to say No to AIDS!

All rights for all children - CRC@18
MEDIA ADVISORY – 20 November is a special date for all of us. Eighteen years ago on this date, the world came together to say yes to children; that children have the same general human rights as adults.

As UNICEF names spokesperson on child violence, UN report offers signs of hope
NEW YORK, 19 October 2007 – An update presented to the UN General Assembly today shows that progress is being made towards eradicating some of the worst forms of violence against children.

Women Deliver’ conference set to spur global action on maternal mortality
NEW YORK, 17 October 2007 – Every minute of every day, a woman dies needlessly during pregnancy or childbirth, mostly in the developing world.

UN Secretary-General hosts ‘Stand Up against Poverty’ event
NEW YORK, 17 October 2007 – Hundreds of people joined Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in recognition of the 20th anniversary of the International Day of the Eradication of Poverty, and Stand Up against Poverty 2007.

The right to food
MEDIA ADVISORY – KUALA LUMPUR, 4 October 2007 – Although the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948 first recognised the right to food as a human right, severe food insecurity continues to affect at least one-seventh of the world’s people.

Are we turning our backs on our children?
KUALA LUMPUR, 3 October 2007 – Twenty years ago, an eight-year old girl from Kuala Lumpur was found dead with a piece of wood embedded with nails forced into her vagina, and a piece of wire around her neck. Her name was Ang May Hong.

Leaders at Clinton Global Initiative renew commitments to health and education
NEW YORK, 26 September 2007 – UNICEF has received US$30 million to educate children affected by conflict, especially in Iraq and the Occupied Palestinian Territory, as well as a pledge of US$1 billion to improve maternal and child health worldwide.

In a child survival milestone, under-five deaths fall below 10 million per year
NEW YORK, USA, 13 September 2007 – The world has reached an important milestone on child survival. For the first time in modern history, the number of children dying before the age of five has fallen below 10 million per year.

‘Goals for Girls!’ campaign kicks off
NEW YORK, USA, 7 September 2007 – In the run-up to the FIFA Women’s World Cup China 2007, which takes place from 10 through 30 September, UNICEF has launched a new set of dynamic public service announcements.

ICDB 2007 – The World We Want
KUALA LUMPUR, 30 August 2007 – This year, the International Children's Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) will take place on Sunday, 9 December 2007 with the theme “The World We Want.”

Malaysia scores high marks to reduce under-weight prevalence
KUALA LUMPUR, 22 August 2007 – Malaysia has experienced the fastest rate of decline in underweight prevalence in the East Asia and Pacific region said the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) during the 10th ASEAN Food Conference held recently.

Food fortification could help reduce poverty and undernutrition in East Asia
KUALA LUMPUR, 22 August 2007 – With prevailing under-nutrition threatening millions of unborn babies and children in the region, the FFI urged governments in East Asia and Pacific to offer protection by requiring staple foods to be fortified.

UNICEF welcomes new medication for children living with HIV
NEW YORK, 16 August 2007 – UNICEF today welcomed the U.S. FDA’s decision to approve the first single-dose combination antiretrovirals (ARV) for children. The new drug, a ‘3-in-1’ formulation, was developed specifically for children under the age of 12.

Tackling Hidden Hunger
MEDIA INVITE, KUALA LUMPUR, 16 August 2007 - Children are not starving to death in this region—but they are dying because they are under-nourished. So are their mothers.

The universal power of breastfeeding
PENANG, 1 August 2007 - "The magnificent power of breastfeeding is beautifully and systematically celebrated again worldwide this year during World Breastfeeding Week. I often describe this power as the five petals of a beautiful flower!"

Baby Bubbly is born!
BANGKOK, 1 August 2007 - As part of World Breastfeeding Week (1-7 August), UNICEF and WHO are pleased to announce the birth of Baby Bubbly, an animated character that aims to promote breastfeeding within the first hour of life.

Folklore inspiration to improve Malaysian Orang Asli children’s literacy
KUALA LUMPUR, 25 July 2007 – Malaysia’s Orang Asli children will soon get to improve their literacy skills as a result of a specially tailored education program which will incorporate Orang Asli folklores and legends into teaching and learning aids.

First hour of breastfeeding can save more than one million babies
MEDIA ADVISORY. KUALA LUMPUR, 20 July 2007 – This year’s World Breastfeeding Week highlights the remarkable first hour of life for a mother and baby, and how immediate and exclusive breastfeeding for six months can save more than ONE million babies.

San Rossore 2007 Conference explores a new global vision for children and women
SAN ROSSORE PARK, Tuscany, Italy, 19 July 2007 – UNICEF joined forces with the Tuscany Region today at a conference in San Rossore under the theme: “Children and Women: Fulfilling their rights, developing their talents, advancing the Millennium Agenda.”

Gender inequality saps gains in basic education: East Asia/Pacific
BANGKOK, 5 July 2007 – In East Asia and the Pacific, gender inequalities in basic education are still pervasive. These undermine the success of rising enrolment rates among children, lead to early school drop out, especially of girls.

Progress towards development targets is mixed, UN finds
UNITED NATIONS, GENEVA, 2 July 2007 – Halfway to a 2015 deadline, there has been clear progress towards implementing the Millennium Development Goals, a set of global commitments to lift millions of people out of extreme poverty.

WHO and UNICEF call for renewed commitment to breastfeeding
MANILA, 20 June 2007 – Exclusive breastfeeding rates in East Asia and the Pacific are just 61% at four months of babies' lives and even lower, at 35%, at six months.

Recent violence in Gaza leaves many young people shaken
NEW YORK, 19 June 2007 – The recent intra-Palestinian violence in the Gaza Strip left many young people traumatised and unable to carry out their daily activities. Last week’s clashes between Hamas and Fatah killed more than 110 people.

Junior 8 delegates present youth perspectives to G8 world leaders
NEW YORK, 7 June 2007– For nine young people participating in the Junior 8 Summit in Germany, today was the opportunity of a lifetime. They were chosen by peers from 18 countries to present the J8 recommendations to world leaders attending the G8 Summit.

Call for rapid scale up for access to HIV testing and counselling services
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia, 4 June 2007 – Fewer than 10 per cent of people infected with HIV in Asia and the Pacific are aware of their status. This is a major obstacle in the campaign to prevent the spread of HIV and to provide AIDS treatment.

Executive Board reviews progress and achievements for children in 2006
NEW YORK, 4 June 2007 – UNICEF’s Executive Board today opened its annual session in New York. During the four-day meeting, board members will, amongst others, review the organisation’s 2006 Annual Report and discuss country programs.

J8 Summit opens in Germany
WISMAR, Germany, 3 June 2007 – Young people from Group of 8 industrialised countries and the developing world, as well as German federal and state government officials, have gathered here for the official opening of the Junior 8 Summit.

Addressing the double stigma of HIV/AIDS and drug use
KUALA LUMPUR, 2 June 2007 – Injecting drug users are overwhelmingly the largest contributor to the spread of HIV and AIDS in Malaysia. And in this country, as in many other societies around the world, they bear a double stigma.

International Day Against Drug Abuse – 26 June
MEDIA ADVISORY. KUALA LUMPUR, 26 May 2007 - Nearly 200 million people around the world are using illicit drugs, equivalent to about 5 per cent of the global population age 15-64 the UNODC revealed in its 2006 World Drug Report.

RM 30,000 boost for child protection in Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR, 24 May 2007 – The protective environment for children in Malaysia will be further strengthened with a RM 30,000 donation received recently from the Kerastase Care and Protect campaign.

Getting the better of HIV
KUALA LUMPUR, 20 May 2007 – Pretty twenty-one year old Tasha is excited about her future. Like her friends, she has dreams of being the best she can, of finding love and having her own family. Tasha is also HIV-positive.

Child Rights Awards 2007 - A call to broadcasters
KUALA LUMPUR, 18 May 2007 - UNICEF, CASBAA and ABU are now inviting Asia-Pacific broadcasters and producers to submit entries for the Asia-Pacific Child Rights Award 2007.

Young Malaysian footballers go on the offensive against HIV and AIDS
KUALA LUMPUR, 6 May 2007 – Shawn Daniels holds a teammate in a headlock, refusing to let go. Instead of coming to the aid of Shawn’s captive, the rest of the team looks on and laughs. “This is when we have AIDS,” says Dipra Ray, 19.

UNICEF and IPU join forces to stop violence against children
BALI / INDONESIA, 2 May 2007 - At the 116th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), meeting in Nusa Dua (Indonesia), UNICEF and IPU members said more can be done to halt violence against children in every country.

Giving an early boost to the next generation of Malaysia’s ‘Orang Asli’
GERIK, Malaysia, 1 May 2007 – Simah Asir holds a job that many of her neighbours feel is unnecessary. She is a preschool teacher in a small village two hours by jeep from the nearest sizeable town.

Author of UN violence study advocates child rights at criminal justice conference
NEW YORK, 27 April, 2007 – World renowned child rights advocate Professor Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro spoke recently of the global victimisation of children while attending the 16th Session of the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice.

On Global Action Week on Education, millions of children still not in school
NEW YORK, 23 April 2007 – As the world celebrates Global Action Week on Education, UNICEF urges donors and governments to keep their promises on education by reinforcing their commitment to the MDG goal of universal primary education by 2015.

International AIDS Memorial Day 2007 – Sunday, 20 May
MEDIA ADVISORY - KUALA LUMPUR, 20 April 2007 - HIV is threatening childhood like never before. Globally, children under 15 account for 1 in 6 AIDS-related deaths and 1 in 7 new global HIV infections.

Access to HIV therapy grew significantly in 2006, but significant obstacles remain to approaching universal access to HIV services
LONDON, 17 April, 2007 – Access to antiretroviral therapy for advanced HIV infection in low- and middle-income countries continued to grow throughout 2006, with more than two million people living with HIV/AIDS receiving treatment in December 2006.

With participation of disabled youth, UN treaty on the rights of the disabled signed
NEW YORK, 2 April 2007 – A new treaty to ensure the human rights of the estimated 650 million people in the world with disabilities opened for signature on March 30 during a special session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Malaysia works to break the cycle of mother-to-child HIV transmission
KUALA LUMPUR/LANGKAWI, 2 April 2007 – Puteri, 12, picks up a large orange tablet and drops it into her mouth. It takes two gulps of water before she manages to swallow it.

UNICEF calls for entries for children's Broadcasting Award
NEW YORK, 1 April 2007 - UNICEF and the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences today called for entries from broadcasters for the 2007 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Award.

Saturday, 7 April 2007 is World Health Day.
MEDIA ADVISORY. KUALA LUMPUR, 26 March 2007 - This year’s theme “Invest in health, build a safer future” illustrates the importance of international health security as the first line of defence against health shocks such as HIV/AIDS and avian flu.

Children are still being trafficked 200 years after the abolition of the slave trade
NEW YORK, 25 March 2007 - Although 25 March marks the 200th anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act, slavery still exists today as children are trafficked into bonded labour and the sex trade.

UNICEF Executive Director joins Starbucks and Ethos ‘Walk for Water’
NEW YORK, 22 March 2007 – Marking international World Water Day, UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman today joined more than 250 schoolchildren and hundreds of other New Yorkers in a ‘Walk for Water’ to highlight the global water crisis.

ICC Cricket World Cup begins, highlighting the needs of children affected by AIDS
NEW YORK, 12 March 2007 – Cricket’s largest and most prestigious event, the ICC Cricket World Cup, officially kicked off in Jamaica this weekend with a colourful ceremony featuring 10,000 spectators and over 2,000 performers.

Empowering girls with information
KUALA LUMPUR, March 2007 - Fate had decided that Celina Khor would join a vocation that would straddle the passions close to her heart. As co-host of the TV series 3R, she continues to bring difficult issues to the public’s attention.

Giving hope to HIV-positive women
KOTA BAHRU, March 2007 - Staff nurse Zaimah Hussin's patients know they can reach her on the telephone at all hours, and even on public holidays. The counselling nurse at a government hospital, helps her patients come to terms with their HIV infection.

Secrets of a successful mum
KUALA LUMPUR, March 2007 – Behind every successful man, is a successful woman. The same goes for children. Kam Su Sze, 7, with the support of her mother, Kim Tho, has achieved what some grown-ups have not managed to in a lifetime.

Marginalised girls take centre stage at UN panel on unleashing their potential
NEW YORK, 6 March 2007 – A panel of young women dedicated to improving the lives of marginalised girls shared their experiences during a panel discussion at United Nations headquarters this afternoon.

A woman’s touch in a boys’ school
KUALA LUMPUR, March 2007 – Education in Victoria Institution is towards moulding every student to become a 'scholar, sportsman, and a gentleman'. Counseling teacher, Mrs Nirmala Arunasalam, 56, is helping to achieve just that.

Realising women’s rights in Malaysia
KUALA LUMPUR, March 2007 - In the spacious office of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s Vice Chancellor Professor Datuk Dr Sharifah Hapsah Syed Hassan Shahabuddin is an inspiring message penned in 1995 from the first Prime Minister of Malaysia.

At UN panel, girls describe challenges keeping their peers out of school
NEW YORK, 1 March 2007 – Youth panellists shared the experiences and challenges of girls growing up in their four different countries today at a discussion hosted by the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI) in New York.

Youth voices heard at opening of UN Commission on the Status of Women
NEW YORK, 26 February 2007 – The 51st Session of the Commission on the Status of Women opened at United Nations headquarters in New York this morning, launching two weeks of discussions and events in the run-up to International Women’s Day.

Kerastase launches "Care & Protect" campaign for children
KUALA LUMPUR, 8 February 2007 – The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) child protection program in Malaysia will soon receive a nutritive boost thanks to luxury hair care brand Kerastase “Care and Protect” campaign.

Net Safety Day 2007: Child protection in cyberspace
NEW YORK, 6 February 2007 – The Internet provides children with new ways to express themselves, learn and build friendships – but it also poses risks.

UNICEF encourages national budget-makers to focus on human rights
NEW YORK, 1 February 2007 – UNICEF hosted a gathering in New York this week to step up the international dialogue on converting national budgets and fiscal policies into instruments for the realisation of human rights.

Humanitarian Action Report 2007: Gender bias harms children in times of crisis
NEW YORK, 29 January 2007 – Disasters continued to cripple the lives of children in 2006. Devastating floods swept the Horn of Africa; conflicts continued in Darfur and elsewhere; and in countries such as Haiti, extreme poverty took its toll.

Flooding in Malaysia threatens children’s well-being
NEW YORK, 19 January 2007 – Flooding in Malaysia from unusually high levels of rainfall has resulted in the displacement of thousands of people, many of them children.

Board concludes its first session of 2007
NEW YORK, 18 January 2007 – On the final day of the UNICEF Executive Board’s first session of 2007, discussions on budget issues, child hunger and undernutrition, education and child protection topped the agenda.

Report finds AIDS campaign gathering momentum despite major challenges
NEW YORK, 16 January 2007 – A global campaign to put children at the heart of the fight against AIDS is gathering momentum but much, much more needs to be done, according to a stocktaking report on the initiative’s first year.

UNICEF Executive Board opens its first regular session of 2007
NEW YORK, 16 January 2007 – UNICEF’s Executive Board today convened its first regular session of 2007 at the UN in New York. The Executive Board is UNICEF’s governing body, which oversees the activities of the agency and provides intergovernment support.

Over 115,000 evacuated in worsening floods
15 January 2007 - Over 115,000 people have been forced to flee their homes as floods worsen in the south and on Borneo island, officials said today as relief workers struggled to feed and shelter victims.

eclipse raises RM150,000 for UNICEF Malaysia’s “Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS” campaign
KUALA LUMPUR, 15 January 2007 – Mr. Sonny San, a true veteran in the Malaysian fashion and retail industry has tailored his creativity, enthusiasm and trendsetting ideas for the good of children in Malaysia.

Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS takes to the football field
KUALA LUMPUR, 8 January 2007 – The Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS Campaign by UNICEF will take to the field when more than 100 Malaysian children ages 6 to 15 years old don their official jerseys for the First Touch Football Program 2007.

UNICEF flagship report says gender equality benefits both women and children
NEW YORK, 10 December 2006 – On its 60th anniversary today, UNICEF is launching a report that says gender equality is critical to child survival and development.





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