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No lost generation – we must act now


NEW YORK, United States of America, 7 January 2014 – As the Syrian crisis rages on, approaching its fourth year, an entire generation of children is being shaped by violence, displacement and a persistent lack of opportunity – and could be lost forever, with profound long-term consequences for the Syrian Arab Republic, the region and beyond.

We must act now, urgently, to champion the #ChildrenofSyria and to support neighbouring nations.

Under the umbrella of 'No Lost Generation', UNICEF and partners are galvanizing the global coordinated effort it will take to protect the futures of these children. These international actors have come together to expand access to learning and psychosocial support, strengthen social cohesion and peacebuilding – and restore hope for the future.

With assistance to protect them from violence, abuse and exploitation, with education to foster their minds and build resilience – and with support to heal their hidden wounds, the #ChildrenofSyria can build a better future for themselves, their families and their societies.

For the more than 5 million Syrian children already affected by this crisis, for the neighbouring countries straining to support the 2.3 million Syrian refugees who have crossed their borders, we must act now.

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