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UNICEF to launch report on adolescence in Malaysia

State of the World's Children 2011 - Malaysia Launch

§ Enabling all adolescents the opportunity to voice their opinions helps us to recognise their existence and worth

§ In support of the benefits adolescence can bring to nation-building, UNICEF has dedicated its flagship report for 2011 to adolescence

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 September 2011 – The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) invites your media reporter and photographer / TV crew to attend and cover:

State of the World's Children 2011 - Malaysia Launch
"Adolescence - An Age of Opportunity

Thursday, 8 September 2011 ● 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm

§ 2:00pm - 7:00pm: Youth Marketplace featuring projects and programs by adolescents in Malaysia (Open to the Public)

§ 3:00pm - 4:00pm: Launch of the Report by Minister of Women, Family & Community Development

§ 4:10pm - 5:30pm: Intergenerational Dialogue themed “Youth and Adults: A Collaboration for a Better World” (a #Rage chat will happen on twitter concurrently)


§ YB Senator Dato’ Sri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil
Minister of Women, Family and Community Development

§ Mr. Hans Olsen
UNICEF Representative to Malaysia

§ Ms. Alayna Rani Sreenivas
Petaling Jaya Child Councillor

§ Adolescents representing the Organising Committee and Youth Panel, including from Asia Football Federation, KL Krash Pad, PJ Child Council and an Orang Asli teen

Annexe Gallery, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur

In recognition of the 1.2 billion individuals aged 10 – 19 years in the world (in Malaysia, 5.47 million, which is almost one-fifth of Malaysia’s population), UNICEF has dedicated the 2011 edition of its flagship report The State of the World’s Children to adolescents and adolescence. Amongst others, the Report highlights adolescence as an age of opportunity for children, and a pivotal time for us to build on their development from the first decade of life, to help them navigate risks and vulnerabilities, and to set them on the path to fulfilling their potential.

Photo Opportunity:
A group of adolescents in Malaysia will 'visually’ present the report to the Minister of Women, Family and Community Development.



The State of the World's Children
The State of the World’s Children (SOWC) is UNICEF’s annual flagship report. It is the most comprehensive survey of global trends affecting children and provides the most thorough almanac of up-to-date statistical data on children. SOWC is referred globally by governments, NGOs, and academic institutions as the authority on childhood. It is widely used by UNICEF to mobilise support from all sectors to advance the rights of children to survival, development and protection.

Theme 2011: Adolescence - An Age of Opportunity
The world is home to 1.2 billion adolescents, defined by the UN as individuals between 10 and 19 years of age. Eighty-eight percent live in developing countries, including the 5.47 million girls and boys in Malaysia, roughly one fifth of the country’s population. These children deserve the same protection and care, essential commodities and services, recognition of their existence and worth, and a voice in decisions that affect them as young children. In some contexts – particularly with regards to protection risks such as child marriage, commercial sexual exploitation and children in conflict with the law – adolescents, out of all children, may even have the greatest needs. Yet, it is precisely in these areas that investment and assistance are often lacking, sometimes due to political, cultural and societal sensitivities.

For these reasons, and in support of the second International Year of Youth, which began in August 2010, UNICEF has dedicated the 2011 edition of its flagship report The State of the World’s Children report to adolescents. Learn more:

A booklet on adolescence in Malaysia, including actions by UNICEF in the country will be released on 8 September in conjunction with the launch of the global report.

For more information, please contact:

Indra Kumari Nadchatram
UNICEF Media, Kuala Lumpur
(+6.03) 2095 9157 ● (+6) 012 292 6872

Davina Chan
UNICEF Media, Kuala Lumpur
(+6.03) 2095 9154 ext 2236 ● (+6) 016 914 1600

Fara Zahri
UNICEF Media, Kuala Lumpur
(+6.03) 2095 9154 ● (+6) 012 654 7669





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