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UNICEF appeals for media partners to Get on Board!

Get on Board!
Campaign aims to empower 100,000 people to raise their hands to stop child abuse

© UNICEF Malaysia/2010
Get on Board will be launched end September with a dedicated website on child abuse.

KUALA LUMPUR, 30 August 2010 – The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is looking for media owners to join its latest campaign aimed at empowering and inspiring people in Malaysia to act against child abuse.

Themed ”Get on board”, the two month campaign from September to November includes a rallying call to action to: “Raise your hand. Stop child abuse now!”. Amongst others, the campaign will create awareness about child abuse and provide tips on how to prevent it.

“We hope that this campaign will encourage the public to act in support of children,” said UNICEF Representative to Malaysia, Mr. Hans Olsen. “There are many things people can do such as acting on suspected child abuse, speaking out about it through blogs and other channels, creating awareness in schools and the workplace as well as supporting the call for a child abuse study to understand the extent of child abuse in Malaysia.”

Saying no to child abuse

Media owners and corporate sponsors who wish to raise their hands to say no to child abuse can support the ‘Get on Board’ campaign in many ways, including the following:

1.   Provide free airtime and advertising space for the campaign’s public service announcements (TV, radio and print).

2.   Include the campaign web banner on its corporate website with link back to the (to go live on 20 September).

3.   Integrate the campaign into the storyline of TV and radio programs (dramas, serials, sitcoms, etc) that will run between October and November 2010. The campaign theme “Get on Board” could even be central to an episode’s storyline.

4.   Dedicate editorial space to explore the issue of child abuse.

5.   Hype up the campaign through stories, talk shows, business programs and news broadcasts.

6.   Communicate the campaign to all staff using email, newsletters, posters, intranet, SMS, website, staff associations and committees.

7.   Provide UNICEF with booth space at roadshows to promote the campaign.

Our collective responsibility

"We want to involve media owners not just to roll out the campaign and create interest, but more importantly to reach out with the message that children's well-being is our collective responsibility," added Mr. Olsen. "Participating in this campaign will allow parents, professionals and communities at all levels to take on the responsibility and actively agree that child abuse is not acceptable and must be stopped.”

Media who are keen to learn more about the campaign can contact UNICEF’s Indra Kumari Nadchatram or Juana Jaafar at (03) 2095 9157 or email  





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