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TRAXXfm to celebrate All Rights, All Children with 24-hour LIVE broadcast

International Children's Day of Broadcasting 2010
Tune in to children on Sunday, 7 March!

© TRAXXfm/2010

KUALA LUMPUR, 3 March 2010 – Malaysia’s TRAXXfm is standing fully on the side of children, with a special 24-hour LIVE broadcast on Sunday, 7 March to celebrate International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB).

An entire day of programming will be dedicated to children’s most creative expressions on-air. Kids will share their stories and opinions in short drop-ins, jingles and teasers as part of the world’s largest broadcast campaign for children.

A key highlight will be “Listen Up!” at 3:15 pm (Malaysian time). The 10-minute magazine format radio program will have children take on the role of DJ and explore what it means to a child to have a fulfilled life!

TRAXXfm began its celebration of ICDB and children on 1 March with capsules and public service announcements entitled “Young Voices”. Until 15 March, TRAXXfm isteners will hear firsthand about childhood from children ages 3-15 years old.

Spinning for and with children

As part of its mission to reach out to the young ones, TRAXXfm is also partnering with RTM sister stations in Malaysia to provide children ages 12 to 15 with information and skills to take over the airwaves as DJs.

The effort stems from TRAXXfm winning the 2009 International Children’s Day of Broadcasting regional award for Best Radio Program in East Asia and Pacific. Read story

RTM DJs will share insider information and other trade secrets on radio broadcasting with children in five major cities, namely Penang, Melaka, Johor Bahru,  Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.

Visit TRAXXfm at  or call Madonna at 03-2288 7283 / 7663 / 7284.

Tune in to children!


International Children's Day of Broadcasting
ICDB is anchored on the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) which says that all children have the right, amongst others, to: 1) participate in decisions affecting their lives; 2) have their own views and opinions; 3) express themselves freely – without fear; 4) have access to information, including through the media; and 5) their own privacy and to be protected from harmful treatment through the media. With these rights in mind, UNICEF works to inspire broadcasters around the world to create channels for more children in more circumstances to speak out and be heard. When children and young people use media to express themselves, it can create awareness in their communities and influence decision-making. Rights-based media projects can also change adults’ perceptions of children and create opportunities to confront difficult problems like abuse and exploitation. They can lead to more child-friendly communities, where positive role models lead to greater respect for children’s rights and opinions. While ICDB was initially intended to give exposure to the issue of children's rights, over the years, it also has become a day of celebrating children and young people in the media. 



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