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UN Summit 2010: Newsline

High-Level Plenary Meeting of the General Assembly

20-22 September 2010, New York

MDG summit events seek progress for all, including the most vulnerable
NEW YORK, 22 September 2010 – The UN Summit wrapped up with a strong emphasis on targeting the poorest and most vulnerable communities in order to meet the Millennium Development Goals by their 2015 target date.

Raising the profile of education on the development agenda
NEW YORK, 22 September 2010 – A meeting to examine ways to make the case for education by showing its powerful impact on all Millennium Development Goals will be held today, as world leaders gather in New York to review progress on the MDGs.

Experts and leaders gather to discuss reaching the world’s most vulnerable children
NEW YORK, 22 September 2010 – The importance of ensuring that no child is left behind, as the world pushes forward towards the Millennium Development Goals is the subject of a panel discussion in New York today on the sidelines of the UN Summit.

On day two, events at MDG summit spotlight AIDS, nutrition, partnerships – and equity
NEW YORK, 21 September 2010 – UNICEF took part in a packed agenda of side events during the second day of the UN Summit to review the Millennium Development Goals, spotlighting progress made and challenges ahead on AIDS, child health and nutrition.

UN Summit kicks off with events on education and child survival
NEW YORK, 20 September 2010 – The UN Summit kicked off today with discussions echoing UNICEF’s recent ‘Progress for Children’ report: that an equity-based approach offers the best hope of achieving the Millennium Development Goals by the 2015 target date.

Child mortality rate drops by a third since 1990
NEW YORK, 17 September 2010 – The latest United Nations under-five mortality estimates were released today by UNICEF and they show continued progress in reducing the number of children who don’t live to see their fifth birthdays.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Yuna Kim takes a stand for peace and development
NEW YORK, 17 September 2010 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and figure skating star Yuna Kim brought a message of hope and commitment to the United Nations, joining in celebrations of the International Day of Peace and appearing in a video spot on the MDGs.

Maternal deaths worldwide drop by third
GENEVA, 15 September 2010 - The number of women dying due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth has decreased by 34 per cent from an estimated 546,000 in 1990 to 358,000 in 2008, according to a new report, "Trends in maternal mortality".

Achieving the Millennium Development Goals with equity for children
NEW YORK, 7 September 2010 – The global community can save millions of lives by investing first in the most disadvantaged children and communities, according to a new UNICEF study released today on the Millennium Development Goals.

Education conference ends with strong call to focus on the most marginalised children
DAKAR, 26 May 2010 – Although great strides have been made to get more girls into classrooms, those still out of school are likely to be from families already suffering social neglect and deprivation.

Realising the promise of the Millennium Development Goals
KUALA LUMPUR, 5 January 2010 – As the world embraces the New Year with renewed hope for peace, human rights and development; the dawn of this new decade also marks the two-thirds point to realise the promise of the Millennium Declaration.

2010 is Millennium Development Goals Year
NEW YORK/KUALA LUMPUR, 22 December 2009 - The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has announced that 2010 will be the year of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to assess progress in realising its 21 targets by the agreed deadline of 2015.






UN Summit 2010

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