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No child left behind

The media has played a valuable role in informing the public about HIV.

But at times, they have also unknowingly used terms which can be misleading about the virus, or harmful to people who are living with HIV, including children.

In support of ethical reporters everywhere, UNICEF has prepared several materials to help you in your reporting about children and AIDS. Through accurate, responsible and original journalism, the media will help to de-stigmatise the disease and break the silence that surrounds it, all of which can help prevent the spread of the virus.

a) Preferred Language and Glossary

§ Preferred terminology Read

§ HIV and AIDS Glossary  Read

b) Media Guide on HIV and AIDS
The Guide provides background information on HIV and AIDS in Malaysia, including a timeline; as well as tips on reporting on children affected by the virus. Also included is a directory of useful media resources.

§ English

§ Malay

§ Mandarin

§ Tamil

Published by UNICEF Malaysia in October, 2008.





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