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If children could grow up without the fear of abuse
KUALA LUMPUR, 15 December 2010 – “Can you imagine not being counted? To be hurt, beaten, raped, ignored, yelled at... day after and yet no one seems to care or at the least know about it.“

Ministry to collaborate with UNICEF to map out child abuse
KUALA LUMPUR, 15 December 2010 – Deputy Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, Senator Heng Seai Kie, announced today the Ministry will collaborate further with UNICEF to map out the full extent of child abuse in Malaysia.

Duty of all to stop child abuse
KUALA LUMPUR, 28 November 2010 - Earlier this year, the life of a small child was cut short. She died from injuries to her brain, stomach and kidneys inflicted by an adult who was taking care of her, a person she should have been able to depend on.

Stop child abuse now – Netizens can play a role
KUALA LUMPUR, 24 November 2010 – The call to unite against child abuse took a digital turn early last month with the launch of UNICEF’s ‘Get on Board’ campaign which aims to drive home the message of child protection through a website and social media.

Families important to children and their safety
PETALING JAYA, 20 November 2010 – Families are children’s first line of protection, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) emphasised today during its Family Fun Day held in conjunction with Universal Children’s Day.

Photo contest: Hands are for caring, not hitting
KUALA LUMPUR, 10 November 2010 – UNICEF has launched an online photo contest to highlight that hands are to nurture and give comfort to children, and not to hit them. It also seeks to reinforce every child’s right to live healthy lives, free of violence.

Uniting for Malaysia's children
KUALA LUMPUR, 6 October 2010 – “Let us come together and unite against abuse. It is something that will benefit the child and family as well as the society at large. It is not a pipe dream but a real possibility, provided every one of us gets involved.”

Get on board, Malaysians. Stop child abuse now!
KUALA LUMPUR, 6 October 2010 – Putting an end to child abuse is a shared responsibility, UNICEF highlighted today during the launch of its ‘Get on Board’ campaign. The two-month initiative aims to unite 100,000 supporters to end child abuse in Malaysia.

UNICEF to launch anti-child abuse campaign for Malaysians
MEDIA ADVISORY * KUALA LUMPUR, 30 September 2010 – In 2008, 7 children on average were reported to be abused in Malaysia. UNICEF invites media to join us for the launch of our people’s campaign – Get on Board -- aimed at ending child abuse in the country.

UNICEF appeals for media partners to Get on Board!
KUALA LUMPUR, 30 August 2010 –UNICEF is looking for media owners to join its Get on Board campaign which aims to inspire Malaysians to act against child abuse. A website will help to create awareness and provide tips on how to protect children.





Get on Board. Stop Child Abuse Now

World Day Prevention of Child Abuse


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