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A young girl strives to rise above hardship
KUALA LUMPUR, 13 October 2011 – You wouldn’t guess from talking to 14-year-old Esther Vishvani what she and her family have been through. Since mid-2010, she has lived with her parents and three siblings in a rented low-cost flat in Kuala Lumpur.

"Something huge is happening, and it’s terrible", says Mia Farrow
NEW YORK, 30 August 2011 - “Something huge is happening, and it’s terrible,” said UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow after visiting the world’s largest refugee settlement in Dadaab, north-eastern Kenya.

UNICEF sets up child-friendly spaces in quake-affected areas of Japan
TOKYO, 5 April 2011 – The children’s eyes sparkled with excitement when the Japan Committee for UNICEF staff opened a box of early childhood development kits to reveal colourful toys and dolls at a shelter in earthquake-hit north-eastern Japan.

Psychosocial support for children caught in violence on Egypt's streets
CAIRO, 22 February 2011 – UNICEF has launched a psychosocial support program for children who were affected by violence during the uprising in Egypt in recent weeks.

UNICEF and partners deliver critical aid amidst harsh Pakistani winter
KOHISTAN DISTRICT, 18 February 2011 – UN helicopters quickly load UNICEF supplies – including children’s clothes and shoes, blankets and newborn kits – from the Pattan warehouse facility in one of the most flood-ravaged districts in Pakistan.

UNICEF rebuilds education in Haiti from the ruins
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, 7 January 2011 – From a hill in the densely populated Delmas area of Port-au-Prince – where vendors hawk household goods, charcoal, vegetables and multi-coloured paintings – there is a stunning postcard view of the ocean.



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