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Orang Asal youth share tips to ensure a healthy planet

Climate Action Now | #COP21 #ClimateChange
Working to keep our planet healthy!

By Indra Nadchatram

Although the Orang Asal contribute little to greenhouse emissions, they are unfairly the first to face the direct consequences of climate change and unsustainable and indiscriminate development. To provide Orang Asal youth with a platform to express their concerns and solutions, UNICEF Malaysia and Voices of Youth partnered with a local community mapping NGO – TONIBUNG – for the global Young People’s Climate Change Mapping initiative.

Here are nine solutions from the Green Voices of Borneo youth that we can adopt to protect our environment and ensure a healthy planet!

1. Planting seeds of hope.

The Tombonuo Orang Asal community plant mangroves tree seeds and plants to conserve the area back to its original condition.

2. Food is everywhere

Wild tapioca leaves are an important source of food for the Orang Asal. Found in the forest, it’s chemical free and 100% organic.

3. Protecting our source of life!

Orang Asal children learn early on how to protect the water catchment area so their water supply is clean and safe to drink.

4. Water catchments for rich biodiversity

Orang Asal youth diligently maintain their water catchment area; which also safeguards the biodiversity of the protected forest.

5. Keeping traditional practices alive.

Orang Asal children in Sabah learn about traditional practices for farming and fishing to protect their natural surroundings.

6. Unlimited source of fertilizer

To protect the environment and grow healthier crops, Orang Asal youth use animal waste as fertilizer or for biomass energy.

7. Green Technology is smart technology

Orang Asal youth rely on bamboo, rattan and rumbia leaves from their environment to build well-ventilated homes. Not only is it energy-saving, it does not cost much money!

8. Community Micro Hydro Project

Villages use renewable energy as it does not pollute the environment; and protects their water catchment area.

9. Solidarity programmes with children and youth!

Orang Asal children are exposed early to the problems caused by unsustainable development through awareness campaigns.





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