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Banjir: Keep kids safe

Floods in Malaysia
Safety tips to protect your children during and after flooding

Children are especially vulnerable during and after floods. Many children cannot swim and some are too vulnerable to fend for themselves. Here are 5 tips to keep your child safe in the aftermath of #Banjir2014:

Banjir2014: No playing in water 1. No playing in water

Prevent your children from playing in or around flood water. And don't allow them to walk or run across any kind of flowing water. If possible, keep them as far away from flood waters as possible. It doesn't take long and it doesn't take much water for young children to drown.

Banjir2014: Wash hands frequently 2. Wash hands frequently

Wash your children's hands frequently, and always before meals. The simple act of washing hands with soap after using the toilet or before handling food can reduce risk of diarrhoea among children under five by almost 50 per cent. More about handwashing.

Banjir2014: Stay hydrated 3. Keep children hydrated

Keep your children hydrated. Bottled water and juice are good choices as these are unlikely to be contaminated. If this is not possible, make sure you boil the water for one minute to kill bacteria. Don’t give your children any drink or food that has come into contact with flood waters.

Banjir2014 - Disinfect toys 4. Disinfect toys

Wash flood-contaminated toys before allowing children to play with the toys. Use a solution of 1 cup bleach in 5 gallons of water to disinfect the toys. Let the toys air dry after cleaning. Some toys, such as stuffed animals and baby toys, cannot be disinfected; they should be thrown away.

Banjir2014: Seek medical advice if needed 5. Seek medical advice if needed

Parents with infants and children who are unwell with diarrhea, vomiting and fever should immediately visit the nearest clinic for further check-up and treatment.





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