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Malaysian company rallies support for Nargis survivors, three months on

CreatiVision managing director receives a thank you certificate from UNICEF Malaysia representative
© UNICEF Malaysia/2008/Nadchatram
A touched Adelyn Lim, CreatiVision’s Managing Director receives a thank you certificate from UNICEF Malaysia Representative Youssouf Oomar in recognition of the company's support for UNICEF's work in Myanmar.

By Indra Nadchatram

KUALA LUMPUR, 15 August 2008 – More than three months have passed since the tragedy of Cyclone Nargis, and for many, the disaster is but a distant memory. Malaysian company, Creativision D.C. Sdn. Bhd however has not forgotten, insistent that now is the time to act.

Through its Rainbow of Life Forces (ROLF) campaign, the company aims to raise RM 5 million for children, women and men in Myanmar’s Delta Irrawady and Yangon who survived the fierce tempest.

On 8 August, CreatiVision launched its Charity Appeal together with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to provide Malaysians the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of their neighbours. As part of the program, the company sponsored the printing and nationwide distribution of 500,000 appeal envelopes.

Funds needed more than ever

“If each person donates just RM 10, we can raise RM 5 million,” said an enthused Adelyn Lim, CreatiVision’s Managing Director. “Funds are needed more than ever in the coming months to protect children from hunger, the risks of diseases as well as exploitation.”

The choice to partner UNICEF to bring relief and hope to survivors was a natural one for the company.

“We were eager to help but had no clue how our aid could reach children in Myanmar. We decided to work with UNICEF as it has a permanent presence in Myanmar since 1950, but also more than 100 staff on the ground to ensure services are efficiently and effectively delivered.

With more than a million people robbed of their livelihoods as well as 4,100 schools and 600 health centres destroyed, Cyclone Nargis has wrecked unforgivable havoc on children’s lives, safety and wellbeing.

Healing the scars of Nargis

The scars of Nargis are not just on the outside but on the inside as well highlighted UNICEF Malaysia Representative, Mr Youssouf Oomar.  “Children have become afraid of rain, as they had bad memories of the intense rain and wind during the Cyclone. Instead of happily playing among rain puddles today, these children huddle in tents, terrified of what the storm will bring.”

“From aiding the psychological recovery of these children, to providing them a safe environment in which they can live, learn and play, UNICEF and our partners are working to rebuild lives, restore dreams and translate hope into reality,” added Mr. Youssouf. “To-date, we have raised almost RM 650,000 in Malaysia and welcome CreatiVision’s appeal to raise much more.”

Working hand-in-hand with the Government of Myanmar, sister UN agencies, national and international NGOs, as well as local communities, the UN children’s agency has, amongst others, helped immunise 25,000 children up to 15 years against measles and provided nutritional aid to benefit more than 8,000 severely and moderately malnourished children.

Additionally, essential learning packages benetting more than 130,000 primary school children have been distributed while more than 1,500 primary schools have also received UNICEF support.

For more information on how you can help, please contact UNICEF Malaysia at (03) 2095 9154.


Rainbow of Life Forces (ROLF) is a community campaign initiative formed by CreatiVision D.C. Sdn. Bhd in 2007. It is neither a charitable organisation nor a foundation. Instead, it facilitates and promotes fundraising activities hosted by legitimate organisations. ROLF comprises 7 campaigns each formed to support children in different situations of need.






ROLF for Myanmar's Children 2008

Appeal Envelope

Youssouf Oomar
Adelyn Lim

Progress Report



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